Professors R.S. Achrol, S.S. Hassan, D. Hoffman, L.M. Maddox, T. Novak, P.A. Rau (Chair)

Associate Professors S. Elliott, M.L. Liebrenz-Himes, V. Perry

Assistant Professor S. Ham

Explanation of Course Numbers

  • Courses in the 1000s are primarily introductory undergraduate courses
  • Those in the 2000–4000s are upper-division undergraduate courses that can also be taken for graduate credit with permission and additional work
  • Those in the 6000s and 8000s are for master’s, doctoral, and professional-level students
  • The 6000s are open to advanced undergraduate students with approval of the instructor and the dean or advising office

Departmental prerequisite: BADM 3401 Basic Marketing Management is prerequisite to all courses in the Marketing Department; additional prerequisites are listed with the courses.

MKTG 3142. Consumer Behavior. 3 Credits.

Social, cultural, and psychological factors influencing the behavior of consumers. Models of buyer behavior, consumption patterns, market segmentation, attitude formation and change, brand loyalty, adoption of innovations, and store choice decisions. Marketing management and public policy implications of consumer research. Prerequisite: BADM 3401.

MKTG 3143. Marketing Research. 3 Credits.

Basic methods and techniques of market research. Designing a marketing research project: research questions, secondary and syndicated data, primary data collection approaches, data analysis and report presentation. Focus group interviews, questionnaire construction, statistical software packages. Prerequisite: BADM 3401 and STAT 2112 or STAT 2118.

MKTG 4148. Advertising and Marketing Communications. 3 Credits.

Planning an advertising campaign. Consumer and market information, message appeals, media selection and scheduling, measuring effectiveness. Current criticism and regulation of the advertising function. Other major marketing communication tools, including personal selling and sales promotion. Prerequisite: BADM 3401, MKTG 3142, and MKTG 3143.

MKTG 4149. Advanced Advertising Campaigns. 3 Credits.

Participation in the National Student Advertising Competition. Research, media planning, copywriting, layout/design. Travel to competition site. Prerequisite: BADM 3401 and MKTG 4148 and permission of instructor; corequisite: MKTG 4151.

MKTG 4149W. Advanced Advertising Campaigns. 3 Credits.

Experiential learning prepares students to execute an advertising campaign for entry in the American Advertising Federation's National Student Advertising Competition. Research, media planning, copywriting, and layout and design. Students travel to the competition site. Prerequisites: BADM 3401 and MKTG 4148 and permission of the instructor.

MKTG 4150. Salesmanship and Sales Management. 3 Credits.

Development of personal selling and presentation skills; examination of types of selling situations. Organization of sales department, sales planning and forecasting, quotas, territories, performance standards, and analysis and control of distribution costs. Prerequisite: BADM 3401; MKTG 3142.

MKTG 4151. Marketing Communications Planning. 3 Credits.

Components of a marketing communications plan. Writing a professional proposal, plans book, executive summary, and speech. Prerequisite: BADM 3401 and MKTG 4148; corequisite: MKTG 4149.

MKTG 4151W. Mktg Communications Planning. 3 Credits.

Components of a marketing communications plan. Writing a professional proposal, plans book, executive summary, and speech. Restricted to Permission of instructor required. Prerequisites: BADM 3401; MKTG 4148.

MKTG 4152. Retailing Management. 3 Credits.

A study of retailing management and strategy covering the current environment of retailing, retail market and financial analysis, store location and design, inventory management, and non-store and service retailing. Industry executive and student presentations; case analyses. Prerequisites: BADM 3401; MKTG 3142; MKTG 3143.

MKTG 4154. Digital Marketing. 3 Credits.

MKTG 4156. Integrated Marketing Communications. 3 Credits.

MKTG 4159. Marketing Strategy. 3 Credits.

The capstone course for marketing majors. Analytical integration of material covered in previous marketing courses. Marketing strategy literature, financial dimensions of marketing decisions, and comprehensive cases. Prerequisites: BADM 3401 or BADM 3401W; MKTG 3142; MKTG 3143.

MKTG 4900. Special Topics. 0-3 Credits.

Experimental offering: new course topics and teaching methods. Prerequisites: BADM 3401; MKTG 3142; MKTG 3143.

MKTG 4900W. Special Topics. 3 Credits.

Experimental offering; new course topics and teaching methods. Prerequisites: BADM 3401; MKTG 3142; MKTG 3143.

MKTG 4995. Independent Study. 1-12 Credits.

Assigned topics. Admission by prior permission of advisor. May be repeated once for credit. Prerequisite: BADM 3401.

MKTG 6241. Advanced Marketing Management. 3 Credits.

MKTG 6242. Buyer Behavior. 3 Credits.

MKTG 6243. Marketing Research. 3 Credits.

The marketing research process: designing, conducting, and using market research studies. Managing the market research project; qualitative research; survey and experimental designs; data analysis with statistical software packages. Prerequisite: MBAD 6221.

MKTG 6246. Marketing of Services. 3 Credits.

MKTG 6248. Advertising and Sales Promotion. 3 Credits.

MKTG 6250. Selling/Sales Management. 3 Credits.

MKTG 6251. Product Management. 3 Credits.

MKTG 6252. Digital Marketing. 3 Credits.

The impact of technology on sales and marketing strategy. Areas explored include e-branding, customer relationship management, permission e-mail, sales force technology enhancement, mobile commerce, online marketing research, and electronic channels of distributions.

MKTG 6255. Strategic Brand Management. 3 Credits.

MKTG 6259. Marketing Strategy. 3 Credits.

Required capstone course for marketing students. Analysis of complex marketing problems involving policy and operational decisions; emphasis on creative marketing strategy.

MKTG 6290. Special Topics. 0-3 Credits.

MKTG 6297. International Management Experience. 3 Credits.

Same as FINA 6297/ IBUS 6297/ MGT 6297/ SMPP 6297. May be repeated for credit.

MKTG 6298. Directed Readings and Research. 1-3 Credits.

MKTG 6299. Thesis Seminar. 3 Credits.

MKTG 6999. Thesis Research. 3 Credits.

MKTG 8341. Seminar: Marketing. 3 Credits.

MKTG 8397. Doctoral Seminar. 0-3 Credits.

MKTG 8998. Advanced Reading/Research. 1-12 Credits.

Limited to doctoral candidates preparing for the general examination. May be repeated for credit.

MKTG 8999. Dissertation Research. 1-12 Credits.

Limited to doctoral candidates. May be repeated for credit.