University General Education Requirement

The general education curriculum engages students in active intellectual inquiry across the liberal arts. Students achieve a set of learning  outcomes that meaningfully enhance their analytical skills, develop communication competencies, and familiarize them with modes of inquiry. Coursework for the university general education curriculum includes 19 credits in approved courses in writing, natural or physical science, mathematics or statistics, social science, and the humanities, plus two writing in the disciplines courses.

The distribution for the University General Education Requirement is set out below, along with the list of approved courses in each area. Students should check the approved list before registering for classes. Questions about requirements should be addressed to a professional academic advisor.

Written Communication

Critical, Creative, or Quantitative Analysis in the Social Sciences

  • Two courses in the social sciences

Scientific Reasoning

  • One natural or physical science course with laboratory experience

Critical or Creative Analysis in the Humanities 

  • One course in the humanities 

Quantitative Reasoning

  • One course in either mathematics or statistics

Written communication
UW 1020University Writing
or HONR 1015 Honors Seminar: UW 1020: Origins and Evolution of Modern Thought
Critical, creative, or quantitative analysis in the social sciences
ANTH 1002Sociocultural Anthropology
or ANTH 1002W Sociocultural Anthropology
ANTH 1003Archaeology
ANTH 1004Language in Culture and Society
ANTH 2008Foundations of Anthropological Thought
or ANTH 2008W Foundations of Anthropology
ANTH 3502Cultural Ecology
ANTH 3838Theory and Practice in Archaeology
or ANTH 3838W Theory and Practice in Archaeology
COMM 1025Introduction to Communication Studies
COMM 1040Public Communication
COMM 1041Interpersonal Communication
ECON 1011Principles of Economics I
ECON 1012Principles of Economics II
GEOG 1001Introduction to Human Geography
GEOG 1003Society and Environment
HONR 2043Honors Microeconomics
HONR 2044Honors Macroeconomics
HONR 2047Self and Society Seminar
or HONR 2047W Self and Society Seminar
PSC 1001Introduction to Comparative Politics
or PSC 1001W Introduction to Comparative Politics
PSC 1002Introduction to American Politics and Government
or PSC 1002W Introduction to American Politics and Government
PSC 1011Introduction to Politics I
PSC 1012WIntroduction to Politics II
PSYC 2011Abnormal Psychology *
or PSYC 2011W Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 2012Social Psychology *
PSYC 2013Developmental Psychology *
PSYC 2014Cognitive Psychology *
PSYC 2015Biological Psychology *
SMPA 1050Media in a Free Society
SMPA 2101Journalism: Theory & Practice
SMPA 2102Introduction to Political Communication
SOC 1002The Sociological Imagination
SOC 2101Social Research Methods
SOC 2102Techniques of Data Analysis
SOC 2103Classical Sociological Theory
or SOC 2103W Classical Sociological Theory
SOC 2104Contemporary Sociological Theory
or SOC 2104W Contemporary Sociological Theory
SOC 2169Urban Sociology
SPHR 1071Foundations of Human Communication
or SPHR 1071W Foundations of Human Communication
SPHR 1084Perspectives in Deaf Culture
SUST 1001Introduction to Sustainability
*PSYC 1001 is a prerequisite for all psychology (PSYC) courses.
Scientific reasoning
ANTH 3412Hominin Evolution
ANTH 1001Biological Anthropology
ASTR 1001Stars, Planets, and Life in the Universe
ASTR 1002Origins of the Cosmos
BISC 1005The Biology of Nutrition and Health *
BISC 1006The Ecology and Evolution of Organisms *
BISC 1007Food, Nutrition, and Service *
BISC 1008
BISC 1125
Understanding Organisms through Service Learning
and Introduction to Cells and Molecules Laboratory *
BISC 1115Introductory Biology: Cells and Molecules
BISC 1116
BISC 1126
Introductory Biology: The Biology of Organisms
and Introduction to Organisms Laboratory
CHEM 1003Contemporary Science for Nonscience Majors
CHEM 1004Contemporary Science for Nonscience Majors
CHEM 1111General Chemistry I
CHEM 1112General Chemistry II
CHEM 2151
CHEM 2153
Organic Chemistry I
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory I **
CHEM 2152
CHEM 2154
Organic Chemistry II
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory II **
GEOG 1002Introduction to Physical Geography
GEOL 1001Physical Geology ***
GEOL 1002Historical Geology
GEOL 1005Environmental Geology ***
HONR 1033Honors Seminar: Scientific Reasoning and Discovery
HONR 1034Honors Seminar: Scientific Reasoning and Discovery
PHYS 1003Physics for Future Presidents
PHYS 1007Music and Physics
PHYS 1011General Physics I
PHYS 1012General Physics II
PHYS 1021University Physics I
PHYS 1022University Physics II
PHYS 1025University Physics I with Biological Applications
PHYS 1026University Physics II with Biological Applications
BISC 1005 and 1007 are equivalent courses; BISC 1006 and BISC 1008 are equivalent courses. Credit cannot be earned for both. *To fulfill the G-PAC requirement, CHEM 2151 and CHEM 2153 must both be taken; same applies to CHEM 2152 and CHEM 2154. ***GEOL 1001 and GEOL 1005 are equivalent courses; credit cannot be earned for both.
Critical or creative analysis in the humanities
AMST 1050Explorations in American Culture
AMST 1160Race, Gender, and Law
AMST 1200The Sixties in America
AMST 2010Early American Cultural History
AMST 2011Modern American Cultural History
AMST 2020Washington, DC: History, Culture, and Politics
or AMST 2020W Washington, DC: History, Culture, and Politics
AMST 2120WFreedom in American Thought and Popular Culture
AMST 2210The African American Experience
AMST 2320U.S. Media and Cultural History
AMST 2350U.S. Religion and Politics
AMST 2380Sexuality in U.S. History
AMST 2410Twentieth Century U.S. Immigration
AMST 2440The American City
AMST 2710The United States in Global Context, 1898-Present
AMST 2730World War II in History and Memory
or AMST 2730W World War II in History and Memory
AMST 2750WLatinos in the United States
AMST 3352U.S. Women's History to 1865
or AMST 3352W U.S. Women's History to 1865
ANTH 2750Latinos in the United States
or ANTH 2750W Latinos in the United States
CHIN 3111Chinese Literature in Translation I
CHIN 3112Chinese Literature in Translation II
CHIN 3123Introduction to Chinese Linguistics
CHIN 3124Introduction to Chinese Linguistics
CHIN 3163Taiwanese Literature and Film
CLAS 2107Families and Politics in Ancient Drama
CLAS 2113The Roman World to 337 A.D.
EALL 3811Confucian Literature in East Asia
EALL 3814Religion and Philosophy in East Asia
or EALL 3814W Religion and Philosophy in East Asia
ENGL 1050Introduction to Literary Studies
ENGL 1315Literature and the Financial Imagination
ENGL 1320Literature of the Americas
or ENGL 1320W Literature of the Americas
ENGL 1330Myths of Britain
or ENGL 1330W Myths of Britain
ENGL 1340Essential Shakespeare
or ENGL 1340W Essential Shakespeare
ENGL 1351Shakespeare Seminar
ENGL 1410Introduction to English Literature I
or ENGL 1410W Introduction to English Literature I
ENGL 1411Introduction to English Literature II
or ENGL 1411W Introduction to English Literature II
ENGL 1510Introduction to American Literature I
or ENGL 1510W Introduction to American Literature I
ENGL 1511Introduction to American Literature II
or ENGL 1511W Introduction to American Literature II
ENGL 1610Introduction to Black American Literature I
or ENGL 1610W Introduction to Black American Literature I
ENGL 1611Introduction to Black American Literature II
or ENGL 1611W Introduction to Black American Literature II
ENGL 1710Introduction to Postcolonial Literature and Film I
or ENGL 1710W Introduction to Postcolonial Literature and Film I
ENGL 1711Introduction to Postcolonial Literature and Film II
or ENGL 1711W Introduction to Postcolonial Literature and Film II
ENGL 3446Shakespearean London
ENGL 3910Disability Studies
FREN 2006Language, Culture, and Society II
FREN 3020Contemporary France
FREN 3100Introduction to French Literature
or FREN 3100W Introduction to French Literature
FREN 4540Nineteenth-Century French Literature and Culture
GER 2091Introduction to German Literature—in English I
GER 2092Introduction to German Literature—in English II
GER 2161German Culture–in English I
GER 2162German Culture–in English II
GREK 1001Beginning Classical Greek I
HIST 1011World History, 1500-Present
HIST 1110European Civilization in Its World Context
HIST 1120European Civilization in Its World Context
or HIST 1120W European Civilization in its World Context
HIST 1121The War of Ideas in European and International History, 1750-Present
HIST 1310Introduction to American History
HIST 1311Introduction to American History
HIST 2010Early American Cultural History
HIST 2011Modern American Cultural History
HIST 2020Washington, DC: History, Culture, and Politics
or HIST 2020W Washington, DC: History, Culture, and Politics
HIST 2050History of Jewish Civilization: From the Bible to Modernity
HIST 2124Nineteenth-Century Europe
HIST 2125Twentieth-Century Europe
HIST 2131History of England Since 1689
HIST 2141History of France Since 1789
HIST 2160History of Germany
HIST 2312The American Civil War and Reconstruction, 1850-1877
HIST 2320U.S. Media and Cultural History
HIST 2321U.S. History, 1890-1945
HIST 2322U.S. History since 1945
HIST 2350U.S. Religion and Politics
HIST 2380Sexuality in U.S. History
HIST 2410Twentieth-Century U.S. Immigration
HIST 2440The American City
HIST 2710The United States in Global Context, 1898-Present
HIST 2730World War II in History and Memory
or HIST 2730W World War II in History and Memory
HIST 3044WThe Price of Freedom: Normandy 1944
HIST 3352U.S. Women's History to 1865
or HIST 3352W U.S. Women's History to 1865
HIST 3360African American History to 1865
HIST 3361African American History Since 1865
HIST 3611History of Modern China
HIST 3811The Emergence of the Modern Middle East
or HIST 3811W The Middle East in the Twentieth-Century
HONR 1016Honors Seminar: Origins and Evolution of Modern Thought
HONR 2053Arts and Humanities Seminar
or HONR 2053W Arts and Humanities Seminar
ITAL 4380Italian Journeys Medieval to Postmodern
JAPN 3111Japanese Literature in Translation I
JAPN 3112Japanese Literature in Translation II
KOR 3111Korean Literature in Translation
KOR 3112Korean Literature in Translation
KOR 3123Introduction to Korean Linguistics
KOR 3124Introduction to Korean Linguistics
LATN 2001Intermediate Latin
LATN 3001Major Latin Authors I
or LATN 3001W Major Latin Authors I
LATN 3002Major Latin Authors II
or LATN 3002W Major Latin Authors II
PHIL 1051Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 1153The Meaning of Mind
PHIL 2124Philosophies of Disability
or PHIL 2124W Philosophies of Disability
PHIL 2125Philosophy of Race and Gender
or PHIL 2125W Philosophy of Race and Gender
PHIL 2131Ethics: Theory and Applications
PHIL 2132Social and Political Philosophy
or PHIL 2132W Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 2133Philosophy and Nonviolence
PHIL 2134Philosophy of Human Rights
PHIL 2136Contemporary Issues in Ethics
PHIL 2281Philosophy of the Environment
PHIL 3142Philosophy of Law
or PHIL 3142W Philosophy of Law
PHIL 3151Philosophy of Science
PHIL 3153Mind, Brain, and Artificial Intelligence
PSC 2120WFreedom in American Thought and Popular Culture
PSTD 1010Introduction to Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
REL 1010The New Testament
or REL 1010W The New Testament
REL 2165The Gospels
REL 2169Lost Gospels
REL 2201Judaism
REL 2301Christianity
REL 2314Contemporary Philosophy of Religion
REL 2401Islam
REL 2501Hinduism
REL 2562Mythologies of India
REL 2811Confucian Literature in East Asia
REL 2814Religion and Philosophy in East Asia
REL 2981Women in Western Religion
REL 3149Biblical Issues
or REL 3149W Biblical Issues
REL 3151The Historical Jesus
or REL 3151W The Historical Jesus
REL 3161The Life and Thought of Paul
or REL 3161W The Life and Thought of Paul
REL 3405Shi'ite Islam
REL 3614Buddhist Philosophy
REL 3923Violence and Peace in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
SPAN 2005Advanced Spanish I
SPAN 2006Advanced Spanish II
SPAN 2056Intensive Advanced Spanish
SPAN 3100Readings in Spanish and Latin American Literature
WGSS 2380Sexuality in U.S. History
WGSS 3352U.S. Women's History to 1865
WGSS 3981Women in Western Religion
WLP 1020Writing, Literature, and Society
Language courses require placement examinations.
Quantitative reasoning
MATH 1007Mathematics and Politics
MATH 1009Mathematical Ideas I
MATH 1010Mathematical Ideas II
MATH 1051Finite Mathematics for the Social and Management Sciences
MATH 1221Calculus with Precalculus II *
MATH 1231Single-Variable Calculus I *
MATH 1232Single-Variable Calculus II
MATH 1252Calculus for the Social and Management Sciences *
MATH 2233Multivariable Calculus
STAT 1051Introduction to Business and Economic Statistics *
STAT 1053Introduction to Statistics in Social Science *
STAT 1111Business and Economic Statistics I *
STAT 1127Statistics for the Biological Sciences *
STAT 2112Business and Economic Statistics II
STAT 2118Regression Analysis
*MATH 1221, 1231, and 1252 are equivalent courses. STAT 1051, 1053, 1111, and 1127 are equivalent courses. Credit cannot be earned for more than one in either group.