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PHYS 1025. University Physics I with Biological Applications. 4 Credits.

Classical mechanics and thermodynamics using calculus; Newtonian mechanics (force, momentum, work and energy, mechanical equilibrium, linear and rotational motion, fluids); energy transfer, statistical models, and entropy. Credit cannot be earned for both PHYS 1025 and PHYS 1021. Laboratory fee. Prerequisite: MATH 1021. Corequisite: Math 1232. Same as PHYS 1021.

Columbian College of Arts and Sciences

...Physics: PHYS 1011 and PHYS 1012; or PHYS 1021 and PHYS 1022; or PHYS 1025...

Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Chemistry

...II PHYS 1021 & PHYS 1022 University Physics I and University Physics II or PHYS 1025...