The following requirements must be fulfilled: 18 credits in selected courses.

Technique courses
No more than 9 credits in courses selected from the following:
CTAD 1152Beginning Modern/Postmodern Dance
CTAD 1153Beginning–Intermediate Modern and Postmodern Dance
CTAD 1170Intermediate Modern/Postmodern Dance I
CTAD 1171Intermediate Modern/Postmodern Dance II
CTAD 2172Intermediate/Advanced Modern/Postmodern Dance I
CTAD 2173Intermediate/Advanced Modern/Postmodern Dance II
CTAD 3174Advanced Modern/Postmodern Dance I
CTAD 3175Advanced Modern/Postmodern Dance II
9 or more credits in courses selected from the following:
CTAD 1000Dean's Seminar
CTAD 1015Understanding Dance
CTAD 1330Basics of Production Design
CTAD 1151Beginning/Intermediate Ballet
CTAD 2160Intermediate Ballet
CTAD 2180Movement Improvisation/Performance
CTAD 2185Trends in Performance–Action into Art
CTAD 2188African Dance
CTAD 2191Dance History
or CTAD 2191W Dance Histories
CTAD 2193Dance Styles I
CTAD 2194Dance Styles II
CTAD 2192Repertory/Performance
CTAD 2195WGlobal Dance History
CTAD 2339Theatre Practicum
CTAD 3157Career Strategies for the Dance Artist
CTAD 3182Dance Composition I
CTAD 3183Dance Composition II
CTAD 3186Embodied Kinesis for Dance
CTAD 3331Introduction to Lighting
CTAD 4184Choreography and Performance
CTAD 4595Selected Topics
CTAD 4596Independent Study
CTAD 4598Internship