Change Area Change description Date of update or effective term
School of Engineering and Applied Science Regulations The policy Department Orientation Course Requirement was updated on October 27, 2023, to add that CE 1010 is required of civil engineering majors. This is a correction, not a change, and is retroactive. Updated 10/27/23; effective retroactive to the start of the 2023-24 academic year.
BS in Biological Sciences Added BISC 3167 as an alternative to BISC 3262 under electives. Updated 11/19/23; effective spring 2024.
ESIA undergraduate research methods options DATS 1001 and SMPA 2151 added as elective options under ESIA undergraduate research methods. Updated 12/4/23; effective spring 2024.
Minor in Naval Science Credits required for the minor were incorrect. The Bulletin stated 24 credits for non-NROTC students and NROTC students (Marine and Navy program options); however, only the Navy option program requires 24 total credits. The non-NROTC and NROTC Marine program option both require 18 total credits. Updated 1/12/24; retroactive to fall 2023