The following requirements must be fulfilled: 21 credits, including 12 credits in required courses and 9 credits in elective courses.

FILM 2151Film Theory
FILM 2152Genres of Film
FILM 2153History of World Cinema I
FILM 2154History of World Cinema II
Three courses selected from the following:
AMST/AH 1070The American Cinema
AMST 1100Politics and Film
AMST 6190Topics in American Studies (Democracy in Film, Post- 9/11 Popular Culture)
ANTH 3709Japanese Culture Through Film
ARAB 3502Arab Film and Culture in English
CHIN 3136WChinese Women in Myth, Literature, and Film
CHIN 3162Chinese Culture Through Film
CHIN 3163Taiwanese Literature and Film
CLAS 3114Topics in Ancient Literatures and Cultures (Classics and Film)
ENGL 1370Topics in Global Cinema
ENGL 2712Bollywood Cinema
ENGL 3445Shakespeare on Film
ENGL 3730WTopics in Global Postcolonial Literature and Film (Gender and Sexuality in PocoFilm)
ENGL 3810Selected Topics in Literature (Disability and Film)
FILM 2155Screenwriting
FILM 2156Advanced Screenwriting
FREN 3560Topics in Contemporary Francophone Literature and Cinema
FREN 3700History of French Cinema
GER 3181History of German Cinema—in English
GER 3187German Cinema after 1945
HEBR 3103Israeli Cinema (in English)
HIST 3001Special Topics (Israeli Cinema in English)
IAFF 3189Special Topics in African Studies (West African Film and Literature)
IAFF 3190Special Topics in International Affairs (Film and Foreign Policy)
ITAL 4183History of Italian Film
ITAL 4184Contemporary Italian Cinema
JAPN 3162Japanese Culture Through Film
JSTD 2002Topics in Judaic Studies: Modern (Israeli Cinema in English)
KOR 3162Korean Culture through Film
MUS 1104Topics in Music (Music on Film, Film on Music)
MUS 3174Topics in Music Theory and Composition (Composing for Film)
PERS 3502Post-Revolutionary Iranian Cinema
PHIL 1062Philosophy and Film
PSC 3192WProseminar: Political Science (South Asian Politics Through Literature and Film)
SLAV 2785Introduction to Russian Cinema I
SLAV 2786Introduction to Russian Cinema II
SMPA 1000Dean's Seminar (Hollywood and Politics)
SMPA 3194Selected Topics in Political Communication *
or SMPA 3195 Selected Topics in Journalism and Mass Communication
SMPA 3479Documentary
SPAN 3700Cinema of Spain and Latin America
SPAN 4700Film as Text in Latin America
SMPA 6231Documentary Filmmaking Practicum
SMPA 6274Media and War
WGSS 3136WChinese Women in Myth, Literature, and Film

*Special topics courses must have the approval of the program director and will be considered only if the section covers a film-focused topic. SMPA 3194 and SMPA 3195 are offered on the same topic simultaneously. Topics offered include Film and Social Justice, Film and the American President, and War and Terrorism in Hollywood Film. For each section offered, students may choose to register under either SMPA 3194 or SMPA 3195.