Bachelor of Arts with a Major in International Affairs, Europe and Eurasia Concentration

Requirements for the concentration

In addition to specific topics listed under IAFF 2190W, the IAFF 3100-range, and IAFF 4191, other topics relevant to the concentration may be approved by the academic advisor.

If a student wishes to take any course not listed, prior approval of the academic advisor is required.

Five courses from the following. At least two courses must be from Group A and at least two courses from Group B.
Group A:
ECON 2151Economic Development
GER 3183Berlin Before and After the Wall
GER 3188The Lives of East Germans
IAFF 2092Russia and Eastern Europe: An Introduction
IAFF 2094Europe: International and Domestic Interactions
IAFF 3185Special Topics in European and Eurasian Studies
IAFF 3190Special Topics in International Affairs (Holocaust Memory)
IAFF 4191Research Seminar (Europe)
PSC 2105Major Issues of Western Political Thought I
PSC 2106Major Issues of Western Political Thought II
PSC 2330Comparative Politics of Western Europe
PSC 2331Comparative Politics of Central and Eastern Europe
PSC 2332European Integration
PSC 2337Development Politics
PSC 2366Russian Politics
PSC 2461European-Atlantic Relations
PSC 2468Post-Soviet Foreign Policy
PSC 2994Special Topics in International Relations (International Politics of Central and Eastern Europe)
Group B:
AH 2145History of Decorative Arts: European Heritage
AH 3140European Art of the Eighteenth Century
AH 3141European Art of the Early Nineteenth Century
AH 3142European Art of the Late Nineteenth Century
AH 3143Early Twentieth-Century Art
FREN 3020Contemporary France
GER 2161German Culture–in English I
GER 2162German Culture–in English II
HIST 2113The Roman World to 337 A.D.
HIST 2124Nineteenth-Century Europe
HIST 2125Twentieth-Century Europe
HIST 2160History of Germany
HIST 3060Modern Jewish History
HIST 3061The Holocaust
HIST 3101Topics: Europe
HIST 3103European Intellectual History I
HIST 3104European Intellectual History II
HIST 3111Topics in Ancient History (Ancient Identity: Greeks, Romans, Others)
HIST 3111Topics in Ancient History (The High Middle Ages)
HIST 3118The Middle Ages: 500–1500
HIST 3126European Integration: A History
HIST 3130History of England I
HIST 3132Tudor England
HIST 3134Stuart England
HIST 3135Victorian Britain
HIST 3137The British Empire
HIST 3139Twentieth-Century Britain
HIST 3140History of France
HIST 3141History of France II
HIST 3145The French Revolution
HIST 3150Spain and Its Empire, 1492–1700
HIST 3168Divided and United Germany Since 1945
HIST 3173The Habsburgs in East Central Europe
HIST 3178The Making of the Modern Balkans
HIST 3180Russia to 1801
HIST 3181Russia Since 1801
HIST 3650Modern South Asia, 1750-Present
HIST 3840History of Central Asia
PHIL 2112History of Modern Philosophy
PHIL 3113Nineteenth-Century Philosophy
SLAV 2361Russian Culture
SLAV 2362Russian Culture
SLAV 2785Introduction to Russian Cinema I
SLAV 2786Introduction to Russian Cinema II
Any undergraduate literature course numbered 2000 or above with this regional focus.