The following requirements must be fulfilled: 12 credits, including two semesters of a 0-credit course, 9 credits in selected courses, and one 3-credit elective course.

Two semesters of one of the following 0-credit courses: *
CSCI 6900Colloquium
EMSE 6900Colloquium
One 3-credit course selected from the following: *
CSCI 6907Special Topics (in Trustworthy AI in Systems)
EMSE 6992Special Topics (in Trustworthy AI in Systems)
One 3-credit course in data analytics or machine learning selected from the following:
CSCI 6444Introduction to Big Data and Analytics
EMSE 6575Applied Machine Learning for Analytics
One 3-credit course in sociotechnical system design selected from the following:
CSCI 6532Information Policy
EMSE 6001The Management of Technical Organizations
One 3-credit course selected with the approval of the academic advisor. Most students will take a course in one of the following areas: machine learning and artificial intelligence; security and privacy; safety and verification; bias and risk; regulation and policy; and interaction with human behavior.

*Students must complete two semesters of CSCI 6900 or EMSE 6900 before they may enroll in CSCI 6907 or EMSE 6992.