Doctor of Philosophy in Education

The doctor of philosophy (PhD) in education degree program is designed to create opportunities for cross-disciplinary research by concentrating on critical national and global problems in which education and human development play a significant role. To adequately address issues, scholars require both a strong foundation in education as well as theoretical and disciplinary grounding in multiple disciplines. The PhD program is distinguished by four characteristics: candidates apply to a cross-disciplinary research team that is focused on a critical problem related to education and human development; approaches to the research problems require a cross-disciplinary lens; students engage in individual and collaborative research throughout their program; and candidates aspire to careers in which the production of research is paramount.

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The following requirements must be fulfilled: 60 credits in required courses and successful completion of the comprehensive examination.

The requirements of the Doctor of Philosophy program.

Educational foundations
SEHD 8100Special Topics (taken four times)
Research methods
EDUC 8120Group Comparison Designs and Analyses
EDUC 8122Qualitative Research Methods
6 credits from the following
EDUC 8130Survey Research Methods
EDUC 8131Case Study Research Methods
EDUC 8140Ethnographic Research Methods
EDUC 8142Phenomenological Research Methods
EDUC 8144Discourse Analysis
EDUC 8170Educational Measurement
EDUC 8171Predictive Designs and Analyses
EDUC 8172Multivariate Analysis
EDUC 8173Structural Equation Modeling
EDUC 8174Hierarchical Linear Modeling
EDUC 8175Item Response Theory
EDUC 8177Assessment Engineering
SEHD 8100Special Topics
Cross-disciplinary concentration
24 credits in graduate-level courses determined in consultation with the advisor at the time of admission. Course selections are determined by the focus of the cross-disciplinary research team and the specific interests of the student.
SEHD 8999Dissertation Research (taken for a minimum of 12 credits.)
Second-year research project, an oral defense of both dissertation proposal and dissertation, and successful completion of a comprehensive examination are required.