Corcoran Studio Arts (CSA)

Explanation of Course Numbers

  • Courses in the 1000s are primarily introductory undergraduate courses
  • Those in the 2000s to 4000s are upper-division undergraduate courses that can also be taken for graduate credit with permission and additional work
  • Those in the 6000s and 8000s are for master’s, doctoral, and professional-level students
  • The 6000s are open to advanced undergraduate students with approval of the instructor and the dean or advising office

CSA 2701. Printmaking Medium and Materials Workshop. 3 Credits.

Introduction to printmaking media and their use in historic and contemporary artistic practice; multi-faceted relationships of printmaking with photography, sculpture, painting, and other media. Materials fee. Recommended background: CFN 1090, CSA 1301, or FA 1301.

CSA 2702. Screenprinting. 3 Credits.

Fundamental techniques required to produce hand-pulled screen prints and their context within printmaking and contemporary art; history of screen printing and its role as a fine art, mass media, and commercial tool. Materials fee.

CSA 2703. Wood Block Print. 3 Credits.

Traditional and contemporary methods of wood block printing; techniques for incorporating wood block and other media in the creation of individual and multiple prints and objects; uses of woodblock printing in historical contexts and in contemporary art. Materials fee.

CSA 2705. Collagraph and Mixed-Media Printmaking. 3 Credits.

Production of multiple print editions using collaged and mixed-media printmaking techniques, including including, sandrographs for the Vandercook press, silk organza, traditional collaged plates and paper prints; historical and contemporary examples and development of critical language for analyzing print media. Materials fee.

CSA 2706. Lithography. 3 Credits.

Introduction to lithographic printmaking as a versatile tool for manipulating photographic images and as an expressive drawing medium. Materials fee. Recommended background: CFN 1090 or CSA 1301 or FA 1301.

CSA 2708. Introduction to Papermaking. 3 Credits.

Skills, tools and techniques for producing paper for a variety of fine arts, printmaking, book binding, and photographic processes; history and current uses of non-industrial paper within printmaking and contemporary art. Materials fee.

CSA 2760. Book Arts: Concept and Content. 3 Credits.

Fundamentals of developing book art structures and artist's books; construction and bindings, text and image-making techniques, and utilizing design, photography, and writing as source materials for book projects. Materials fee.

CSA 3613. Site and Sound. 3 Credits.

Contemporary sonic art practice and audio production; audio storytelling, spatialized sound, and site-based sonic artwork; critical perspectives on sound and audio practice. Prerequisites: CFN 1093 or CSA 1502 or CSA 1601 or SMPA 2112.

CSA 3710. Special Topics in Print Media. 3 Credits.

Topics vary by semester. May be repeated for credit provided the topic differs. See program for more details. Permission of the instructor may substitute for prerequisites. Prerequisites: CFA 2125, CPR 2300, CPR 2423, CPR 2403, CSA 2701, CSA 2702, CSA 2703, CSA 2705, CSA 2708 and CSA 2760.

CSA 3712. Letterpress From the 1400s to the Digital Age. 3 Credits.

Traditional and contemporary letterpress and relief printing applications; typesetting; presswork, inking, editioning, and Vandercook press operation; black and white relief printing, reduction printing; and experimental collagraph techniques. Materials fee.

CSA 3714. Photo Printmaking Projects. 3 Credits.

The use of photography, appropriated imagery, and photographic processes in printmaking. Students develop personal imagery in an expansive and experimental manner. The instructor's permission may be substituted for prerequisites. Materials fee. Prerequisites: CSA 1502, CFN 1092, CSA 2701, CSA 2702, CSA 2703, CSA 2705, CSA 2708, CSA 2760, FA 1502, CFA 2125, CPR 2300, CPR 2423 and CPR 2403.

CSA 3912. The Cinematic in Contemporary Art. 3 Credits.

The influence of cinema on contemporary art in historical, conceptual, and aesthetic contexts. Students employ cinematic strategies through projects that explore setting, sequencing, camera angle, point of view, tracking, lighting, performance, narrative, and sound. Prerequisites: CFN 1092 or CSA 1502 or CSA 2502 or CSA 2601.

CSA 3914. Art Outside the Gallery. 3 Credits.

Site-specific art practices emphasizing a variety of forms of public art, artist-run spaces, and practices that engage places and audiences outside of formal art spaces. Prerequisites: CFN 1093, CSA 2201 and CFA 2123.

CSA 3951. Creative Photovoltaics. 3 Credits.

The fabrication process of solar devices and the parameters of solar cells in design and art applications. Students build a small solar device and conceptualize innovative proposals for new solar technology solutions. Prerequisites: CSA 1201 or CFN 1093.

CSA 4085. Directed Studies: Studio Arts. 1-3 Credits.

Directed research and study in a specific area of studio art practice to be approved and supervised by a faculty member. Students must have their plan of study approved by the faculty supervisor and the Director of Undergraduate Studies prior to enrollment. Restricted to fine art photography, fine art, and photojournalism majors.