Minor in Dance

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 18 credits in elective courses.

Dance Technique
3 to 9 credits from the following:
Beginning Modern/Postmodern Dance
Beginning/Intermediate Modern/Postmodern Dance
Intermediate Modern/Postmodern Dance I
Intermediate Modern/Postmodern Dance II
Intermediate/Advanced Modern/Postmodern Dance I
Intermediate/Advanced Modern/Postmodern Dance II
Advanced Modern/Postmodern Dance I
Advanced Modern/Postmodern Dance II
Dance Theory
3 to 9 credits from the following:
Dean's Seminar
Understanding the Dance
Movement Improvisation/Perform
Trends in Performance
Dance History
Dance History
Global Dance History
Dance & Arts Management
Dance Composition I
Dance Composition II
Dance Anatomy & Kinesiology
Choreography and Performance
Remaining credits from the following:
Basics of Production Design
African Dance
World Dance
Dance Styles I
Dance Styles II
Theatre Practicum
Personal Aesthetics II: The Environment
Selected Topics
Independent Study