Minor in Spanish and Latin American Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 18 credits in courses for the minor and satisfactory completion of the prerequisite introductory language sequence.

Introductory language sequence (12 to 14 credits or equivalent)
Minor courses
SPAN 3100Readings in Spanish and Latin American Literature
Three courses (9 credits) from the following:
SPAN 2005Advanced Spanish I
SPAN 2006Advanced Spanish II
SPAN 2056Intensive Advanced Spanish
SPAN 2100
SPAN 3005Experiencing Cuba: Past and Present
SPAN 3010WAdvanced Spanish Writing
SPAN 3015
SPAN 3021Advanced Spanish for Oral Communication—Latin America
SPAN 3022Advanced Oral Proficiency: Environmental and Social Sustainability in Latin America
SPAN 3035Spanish Language and Culture: Advanced
SPAN 3040Advanced Spanish Service Learning
Two courses (6 credits) from the following:
SPAN 3400Theatre of Spain and Latin America
SPAN 3420The Essayist Tradition in Latin America
SPAN 3430Afro–Latin America in the Diaspora
SPAN 3440Caribbean Literature and Culture
SPAN 3500Medieval Iberia in the Modern World
SPAN 3510Heresy and the Other in Early Modern Iberia
SPAN 3520Latin American Colonial Literature
SPAN 3530Enlightenment Spain
SPAN 3540Major Authors of Spain and Latin America
SPAN 3570Women Writers of Spain and Latin America
SPAN 3650Literature and Dictatorship
SPAN 3700Cinema of Spain and Latin America
SPAN 4410Contemporary Narrative in Latin America
SPAN 4450Mexican Literature and Culture
SPAN 4460Southern Cone Literature and Culture
SPAN 4470
SPAN 4510Cervantes Don Quixote
SPAN 4520Topics in the Avant-garde
SPAN 4540The Myth of the Two Spains
SPAN 45501898-1998: Spain's First Century without Empire
SPAN 4560Modern Poetry of Spain and Latin America
SPAN 4600Special Topics
SPAN 4650Literary Translation
SPAN 4700Film as Text in Latin America

Note: No more than three courses taken abroad may count toward the minor (excluding GW Study Centers in Chile and Spain).