Minor in Creative Writing

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 21 credits selected from the following options:

One introductory literature course (3 credits) from the following:
ENGL 1305Colonial/Post-Colonial British Literature
ENGL 1315Literature and the Financial Imagination
ENGL 1320Literature of the Americas
or ENGL 1320W Literature of the Americas
ENGL 1330Myths of Britain
or ENGL 1330W Myths of Britain
ENGL 1340Essential Shakespeare
or ENGL 1340W Essential Shakespeare
ENGL 1410
or ENGL 1410W
ENGL 1411
or ENGL 1411W
ENGL 1510
or ENGL 1510W
ENGL 1511
or ENGL 1511W
ENGL 1610
or ENGL 1610W
ENGL 1611
or ENGL 1611W
ENGL 1710
or ENGL 1710W
ENGL 1711
or ENGL 1711W
ENGL 1830
or ENGL 1830W Tragedy
ENGL 1840
or ENGL 1840W Comedy
Six courses (18 credits) from the following, of which five must be in creative writing:
At least three in poetry:
ENGL 2470Poetry Writing
ENGL 2570Intermediate Poetry Writing
ENGL 3370Advanced Poetry Writing
ENGL 3380Creative Writing Workshop
Or three in fiction:
ENGL 2460Fiction Writing
ENGL 2560Intermediate Fiction Writing
ENGL 3360Advanced Fiction Writing
ENGL 3380Creative Writing Workshop
Or two in dramatic writing:
ENGL 2250Dramatic Writing
or TRDA 2250 Dramatic Writing
ENGL 3250Intermediate Dramatic Writing
or TRDA 3250 Intermediate Dramatic Writing
ENGL 3390Topics in Creative Writing

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