Master of Arts in the Field of Interior Architecture

This program has a fall 2021 start date.

The master of arts in interior architecture program is designed for students who have a received an undergraduate degree in interior design, interior architecture, or architecture, and who wish to continue to challenge themselves in an academic setting.

The program aims to create ethical, socially conscious design thinkers and leaders in the industry of the built environment. Emphasis is on conceptual thinking and the design process, community engagement, and leadership in the profession. The core of the program comprises a consecutive studio sequence that challenges students to solve a problem by creating a spatial design solution. Students work collaboratively, focusing on global design issues, serving clients of varied income and diversity spans, and community involvement.

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 30 credits, including 24 credits in required courses and 6 credits in elective courses.

Fall Semester
CIAR 6800Studio A
CIAR 6825Advanced Visual Communications Methods
CIAR 6850Architectural Design Theory + Criticism
One approved 3-credit Corcoran School course. See example courses, below.
Spring Semester
CIAR 6900Studio B
CIAR 6925The Psychology of the Built Environment
CIAR 6950Leadership in Design
One approved 3-credit Corcoran School course (see below).
Example elective courses:
Interior Architecture
CIAR 6225Interior Materials and Color Theory
CIAR 6350Sustainability and the Built Environment
CIAR 6325Case Studies: Bauhaus to Bilbao
CIAR 6425Lighting and Acoustics
CIAR 6525Practicum and Internship
CIAR 6550Structures and Building Systems
Art History
CAH 6213Islamic Art and Architecture
CAH 6220Proseminar in Italian Art and Architecture of the Thirteenth Through Fifteenth Centuries
CAH 6221Proseminar in Italian Art and Architecture of the Sixteenth Century
Exhibition Design
CEX 6011Spatial Representation and Making I
CEX 6012Spatial Representation and Making II
CEX 6014Materials, Detailing, and Fabrication/Installation
CEX 6100Lighting, Acoustics, and Design for the Senses
CEX 6110Materials, Detailing, and Fabrication/Installation
CEX 6210Special Topics in Exhibition Design
CEX 6230Art and Design Writing
Fine Art
CSA 6512Photography: Altered Landscapes
CSA 6612Video: Remixing the Archive
CSA 6913Painting Off the Wall
CSA 6915Public Spectacle in Socially Engaged Art
CSA 6951Creative Photovoltaics
Museum Studies
CMST 6302Museum Exhibition Design
CMST 6403Museums and Technology
CMST 6701Museum History and Theory

Students also participate in the CIAR MFA/MA Design Dialogue Series. This monthly series brings together all CIAR graduate students to discuss various topics related to the field, led by rotating faculty. Students do not earn credit for their participation.