Master of Fine Arts in the Field of Classical Acting

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate Programs.

59 credits in required courses.

ACA 6201Acting I
ACA 6202Acting II
ACA 6203Acting: Classical Comedy
ACA 6204Acting: Master Class
ACA 6205Topics in Classical Drama and Culture
ACA 6206Topics in Classical Drama and Culture
ACA 6207Topics in Classical Drama and Culture
ACA 6209Text I
ACA 6210Text II
ACA 6211Voice and Speech I
ACA 6212Voice and Speech II
ACA 6213Voice and Speech III
ACA 6215Movement I
ACA 6216Movement II
ACA 6217Movement III
ACA 6219Alexander Technique I
ACA 6220Alexander Technique II
ACA 6221Alexander Technique III
ACA 6223Stage Combat I
ACA 6224Stage Combat II
ACA 6225Practicum I
ACA 6227Practicum III
ACA 6228Practicum IV
ACA 6229Audition Techniques
ACA 6595Selected Topics (taken twice)

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