Minor in Biological Anthropology

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 16 credits in required courses.

ANTH 1001Biological Anthropology
12-13 credits from the following:
ANTH 1005The Biological Bases of Human Behavior
ANTH 2406Human Evolutionary Genetics
ANTH 3401Human Functional Anatomy
ANTH 3402Human Evolutionary Anatomy
ANTH 3403Forensic Anthropology Laboratory
ANTH 3404Human Variation
ANTH 3406Advanced Human Osteology
ANTH 3407Conservation in a Changing World: Human and Animal Behavior
ANTH 3408The Evolution of Human Families
ANTH 3411Primatology
ANTH 3412Hominin Evolution
ANTH 3412WHominin Evolution
ANTH 3413Evolution of the Human Brain
ANTH 3491Topics in Biological Anthropology
One of the following:
ANTH 3802Human Cultural Beginnings
ANTH 3802WHuman Cultural Beginnings
ANTH 3839Lab Research Methods in Archaeology
ANTH 3832Paleoanthropological Field Program
PSYC 2014Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 2015Biological Psychology
PSYC 3112Psychology of Adolescence
PSYC 3118Neuropsychology
BISC 1005The Biology of Nutrition and Health
BISC 1006The Ecology and Evolution of Organisms
BISC 1115
BISC 1125
Introductory Biology: Cells and Molecules
and Introduction to Cells and Molecules Laboratory *
BISC 1116
BISC 1126
Introductory Biology: The Biology of Organisms
and Introduction to Organisms Laboratory
GEOL 1001Physical Geology
GEOL 1002Historical Geology
GEOL 1005Environmental Geology
STAT 1127Statistics for the Biological Sciences

*Honors Program students and those who have been invited to join the Scholars in Quantitative and Natural Sciences (SQNS) Program take BISC 1120 instead of BISC 1125 for the lab component.