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All students must hold a master’s or professional degree to be admitted to the doctor of public health program.

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 48 credits, including 35 credits in required courses and 13 credits in  dissertation proposal preparation and dissertation portfolio project courses. Successful completion of a comprehensive examination also is required.

Required core courses
PUBH 8730Doctor of Public Health Immersion *
PUBH 8706Leadership Principles and Practice I
PUBH 8708Applied Public Health Methods I
PUBH 8710Public Health Project Management and Social Entrepreneurship
PUBH 8712Public Health Program Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation
PUBH 8714Leadership Principles and Practice II
PUBH 8716Education and Workforce Development Approaches for Public Health Leaders
PUBH 8718Public Health Communications and Marketing
PUBH 8720Social Change and Collective Impact
PUBH 8722Public Health Policy Analysis
PUBH 8724Organizational Leadership and Change Management
PUBH 8726Applied Public Health Methods II
PUBH 6080Pathways to Public Health **
Dissertation portfolio courses
PUBH 8700DrPH Seminar and Introduction to DrPH Applied Practice Experience (DAPEx)
PUBH 8703Dissertation Portfolio: Independent Study I for DAPEx and Dissertation Proposal Development (taken for 0 to 2 credits)
PUBH 8705Dissertation Portfolio: Independent Study II for DAPEx and Dissertation Proposal Development
PUBH 8707Dissertation Portfolio: Dissertation Proposal Development
PUBH 8709Dissertation Portfolio: Dissertation Proposal Defense
PUBH 8711Dissertation Portfolio: DAPEx and Dissertation Implementation
PUBH 8713Dissertation Portfolio: Dissertation Development
PUBH 8715Dissertation Portfolio: Dissertation Defense
Comprehensive examination
Students become eligible to sit for the comprehensive examination after all required coursework has been completed. The comprehensive examination is administered in May each year; specific dates are announced annually. The comprehensive examination may be retaken one time.

 *Taken by all DrPH students prior to the start of first fall semester.

**Required only for students who do not have an MPH degree from a CEPH accredited school.