Program Director: G. Headrick

The Milken Institute School of Public Health offers a dual bachelor of science with a major in nutrition and master of public health in the field of public health nutrition program. The program allows students to take up to 11 graduate credits as part of their undergraduate degree, thereby decreasing the number of credits normally required for the master's degree.

Credit sharing: 11 credits
Graduate courses taken during the undergraduate program and corresponding undergraduate courses waived:
PUBH 6002Biostatistical Applications for Public Health
Waived: PUBH 2142 Introduction to Biostatistics for Public Health
PUBH 6003Principles and Practices of Epidemiology
Waived: PUBH 3131 Epidemiology
PUBH 6007Social and Behavioral Approaches to Public Health
Waived: One BS in nutrition guided elective, excluding PUBH 3131
PUBH 6611Nutrition Assessment
Waived: EXNS 2120 Assessment of Nutritional Status
PUBH 6021Essentials of Public Health Practice and Leadership I

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