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The following requirements must be fulfilled: 45 credits, including 10 credits in foundational courses, 23 credits in program-specific courses, 8 credits in elective courses, and 4 credits in field/laboratory experience and final project.

Foundational courses (10 credits)
PUBH 6002Biostatistical Applications for Public Health
PUBH 6003Principles and Practices of Epidemiology
PUBH 6007Social and Behavioral Approaches to Public Health
PUBH 6080Pathways to Public Health
PUBH 6275Essential Public Health Laboratory Skills
Program-specific courses (23 credits)
PUBH 6245Infectious Disease Epidemiology
PUBH 6247Epidemiologic Methods I: Design of Health Studies
PUBH 6259Epidemiology Surveillance in Public Health
PUBH 6262Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
PUBH 6276Public Health Microbiology
PUBH 6278Public Health Virology
PUBH 6291Infection and Immunity
or MICR 8210 Infection and Immunity
PUBH 6853Use of SAS for Data Management and Analysis
PUBH 6861Public Health Genomics
8 credit in courses selected from the following and/or other courses approved in advance by the advisor.
PUBH 6011Environmental and Biological Foundations of Public Health
PUBH 6233Epidemiologic Principles and Practice of Disease Eradication
PUBH 6234Epidemiologic Methods in Neglected Tropical Disease Control
PUBH 6238Molecular Epidemiology
PUBH 6239Epidemiology of Foodborne and Waterborne Diseases
PUBH 6240Pediatric HIV/AIDS
PUBH 6242Clinical Epidemiology and Public Health: Reading the Research
PUBH 6243Topics in Clinical Epidemiology and Public Health: Reading the Research
PUBH 6250Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS
PUBH 6252Epidemiologic Methods II: Advanced Epidemiologic Methods
PUBH 6253Issues in HIV Care and Treatment
PUBH 6255Organizational Responses to the Local, National, and Global HIV/AIDS Epidemics
PUBH 6263Advanced GIS
PUBH 6271Disaster Epidemiology
PUBH 6272Epidemiology of Infectious Agents Associated with Human Cancer
PUBH 6282Introduction to R Programming for Epidemiology
PUBH 6299Topics in Epidemiology (Epidemiology of Sexually Transmitted Infections) *
PUBH 6455Global Vaccinology
PUBH 6484Prevention and Control of Vector Borne Diseases
PUBH 6486Global Health Programs and Approaches to the Control of Infectious Diseases
MICR 6292Tropical Infectious Diseases
MICR 8230Molecular and Cellular Immunology
Field/laboratory experience and final project (4 credits)
PUBH 6016Field/Laboratory Experience
PUBH 6280Microbiology and Emerging Infectious Diseases Final Project

*For PUBH 6299, only the specified topics count toward pre-approved elective courses.