Program Director: K. Bartholomew

The School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS) and Milken Institute School of Public Health (GWSPH) offer a dual doctor of medicine (MD) and graduate certificate in public health program. Medical students can complete the 15-credit graduate certificate within the four-year MD program structure. Students take 10 credits from the required public health certificate curriculum at GWSPH; the remaining 5 credits are satisfied through coursework cross counted from the MD program curriculum to replace PUBH 6011 Environmental and Biological Foundations of Public Health and PUBH 6012 Fundamentals of Health Policy .

In addition, 4 credits taken at GWSPH, PUBH 6007 Social and Behavioral Approaches to Public Health and PUBH 6009 Fundamentals of Public Health Program Evaluation as part of the certificate program are cross counted as four weeks of MD Year 4 electives. 

Students receive the certificate only upon completion of all certificate and MD program requirements.

If a student wishes to pursue the MD/MPH program, all credits successfully completed for the MD/graduate certificate may be applied toward the MD/MPH degree.

Required public health courses (10 credits)
PUBH 6002Biostatistical Applications for Public Health
PUBH 6003Principles and Practices of Epidemiology
PUBH 6007Social and Behavioral Approaches to Public Health *
PUBH 6009Fundamentals of Public Health Program Evaluation