Information on the admission process is available on the Office of Undergraduate Admissions website. Applications may be submitted via the Common Application.

Supporting documents not submitted online should be mailed to:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
The George Washington University
800 21st Street NW, Suite 100
Washington, DC 20052

Contact for questions: or 202-994-6040

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 120 credits, including 34 credits in required core courses, 12 credits in guided electives, and 33 credits in required concentration and elective courses.

Public health core courses
34 credits in public health core courses, including the research methods selective.
PUBH 1010First-Year Experience in Public Health 2
PUBH 1101Introduction to Public Health and Health Services
PUBH 2110Public Health Biology
PUBH 2112Principles of Health Education and Health Promotion
PUBH 2142Introduction to Biostatistics for Public Health
PUBH 3130Health Services Management and Economics
PUBH 3131Epidemiology
PUBH 3132Health and Environment
PUBH 3133Global Health and Development
PUBH 3135WHealth Policy
PUBH 4140WSenior Seminar
Research methods selective
One 3-credit course selected from the following:
PUBH 3199Topics in Public Health (in Research Methods in Public Health topic only)
EXNS 3111WExercise and Nutrition Sciences Research Methods
Guided electives
12 credits in pre-approved elective courses. *

 *See the list of preapproved electives for the BS in public health program.

Pre-health concentration requirements
Required courses
BISC 1111Introductory Biology: Cells and Molecules
BISC 1112Introductory Biology: The Biology of Organisms
CHEM 1111General Chemistry I
CHEM 1112General Chemistry II
EXNS 1110Applied Anatomy and Physiology I
EXNS 1111Applied Anatomy and Physiology II
BISC 2336
BISC 2337
Introductory Microbiology
and Introductory Microbiology Laboratory
MATH 1220Calculus with Precalculus I
or MATH 1221 Calculus with Precalculus II
or MATH 1231 Single-Variable Calculus I
or MATH 1232 Single-Variable Calculus II
PSYC 1001General Psychology
For to six courses selected from the following, depending on specific pre-health track:
BISC 2207
BISC 2208
and Genetics Laboratory
or BISC 2202 Cell Biology
or BISC 3212 Immunology
BISC 3165Biochemistry I
or CHEM 3165 Biochemistry I
CHEM 2151
CHEM 2153
Organic Chemistry I
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 2152
CHEM 2154
Organic Chemistry II
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
EXNS 2119Introduction to Nutrition Science
PHYS 1011General Physics I
PHYS 1012General Physics II
PUBH 3151WCurrent Issues in Bioethics
or HSCI 2105 Current Issues in Bioethics
PSYC 2013Developmental Psychology
SOC 1001Introduction to Sociology
Some concentration and selective courses may count toward the general education requirement or the general elective requirement.

Additional guidance is provided in the School of Public Health's program guide to assist in choosing selective courses based on common pre-health fields of interest.

All students must comply with policies and procedures as outlined in University Regulations, GWSPH Regulations, and the SPH program guide. Students should pay special attention to SPH requirements for completing human research training, completing eight hours of professional enhancement activities, and passing the academic integrity quiz.