Students interested in the dual degree program should confer with the graduate advisor. Visit the program website for additional information.

Credit sharing: 9 credits

MS courses taken during the BS program and corresponding BS courses waived:
PUBH 6854Applied Computing in Health Data Science
One of the following BS courses is waived:
Introduction to Programming with Java
Introduction to Programming with Python
Practical Computing
PUBH 6884Bioinformatics Algorithms and Data Structures
One of the following BS courses is waived:
Algorithms and Data Structures
Bioinformatics Algorithms and Data Structures
PUBH 6860Principles of Bioinformatics
or PUBH 6861 Public Health Genomics
or PUBH 6886 Statistical and Machine Learning for Public Health Research
One of the following BS courses is waived:
Machine Learning
Introduction to Bioinformatics
Introduction to Genomics

Visit the BS in health data science and MS in health data science program websites for additional information about the individual programs.