The College of Professional Studies offers a dual bachelor of professional studies (BPS) with a major in cybersecurity and master of professional studies (MPS) in the field of cybersecurity strategy and information management program. The program allows for the double counting of 6 credits earned in courses completed in the BPS program toward completion of the MPS degree. All requirements for both degrees must be fulfilled.

Interested students should confer with their academic advisor in the fall semester of their senior year. Applications to the dual degree program are due in early December of the senior year.

Shared credits: 6
The undergraduate courses below are taken in the fall semester of the junior year; corresponding graduate courses will be waived. Only 3 of the 4 credits earned in PSCS 3100 and in PSCS 3103 are shared between programs.
PSCS 3100Principles of Cybersecurity
Waived: PSCS 6244 Information Systems Protection
PSCS 3103Ethics, Law, and Policy
Waived: PSCS 6245 Cybersecurity Law and Policy