The following requirements must be fulfilled: 60 credits, including 57 credits in required courses, one 3-credit elective course, and 540 clinical hours.

NURS 3119Pathophysiology
NURS 3120Foundations of Professional Nursing
NURS 3121Health Assessment and Promotion
NURS 3124Adult and Geriatric Nursing I
NURS 3125Mental Health Nursing
NURS 3126Advancing Health Equity through Nursing History and Theory
NURS 3228Pharmacology Principles for Nursing Practice
NURS 4119Safety and Quality within Healthcare Delivery Systems
NURS 4124Adult and Geriatric Nursing 2
NURS 4125Maternal and Women’s Health Nursing
NURS 4126Nursing Care of Children and Families
NURS 4127Transition to Professional Nursing Practice
NURS 4203Dynamics of Nursing Leadership and Management
NURS 4205WNurse's Role in Health Care Policy
NURS 4207WPrinciples of Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice
NURS 4217Community and Public Health Nursing
One 3-credit course selected from the following:
NURS 4105Disaster Preparedness
NURS 4106Global Health
NURS 4107Addictions and Treatment
NURS 4108Telehealth
NURS 4109Introduction to Perioperative Nursing
NURS 6215Pediatric Adversity and Early Childhood Development and Health