This is a secondary degree completion program.

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 120 credits, at least 60 of which must be taken at GW. 

General Education and prerequisite courses
3 credits in English composition
3 credits in critical thinking in the humanities
6 credits in critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, or scientific reasoning in the social sciences
8 credits in general biology with lab
3 credits in quantitative reasoning (must be in algebra or statistics at the college level or above)
37 credits in elective courses and/or additional required courses
Required and elective courses that can be transferred in or taken at GW
3 credits in introduction to biotechnology for health sciences
3 credits in microbiology (lecture)
1 credit in microbiology for health sciences laboratory (lab)
3 credits in organic chemistry or biochemistry (MLS 3003 Biochemistry for Health Sciences if taken at GW.)
Core courses for the major (60 credits) that must be taken at GW
CERT 3004Endocrinology for Health Sciences
CERT 3005Current Topics in Biomedical Sciences
CERT 4010Clinical Human Embryology
CERT 4011Human Embryology Laboratory
CERT 4012Clinical Human Andrology
CERT 4013Human Andrology Laboratory
CERT 4014Human Reproductive Cryobiology
MLS 2007WMicrobes and Society
MLS 3000Clinical Laboratory Mathematics
MLS 3001WProfessional Ethics for Medical Laboratory Scientists
MLS 4141Immunology and Serology
MLS 4151Molecular Diagnostics
MLS 4158Laboratory Management and Operations
MLS 4171Human Genetics
MLS 4251Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory
Optional concentration
Students who wish to complete a concentration in either molecular biology or microbiology must take the required courses and number of elective credits listed below.
Molecular biology concentration
MLS 4170Introduction to Molecular Biology
MLS 4172Molecular Diagnostics Capstone
MLS 4217Molecular Techniques
MLS 4242Applications of Molecular Testing
MLS 4252Applications of Molecular Testing Laboratory
MLS 4266Molecular Diagnostics Practicum
One 1-credit elective course
Microbiology Concentration
MLS 2005Plagues, Pandemics, and Epidemics
MLS 4116Clinical Bacteriology I
MLS 4117Clinical Bacteriology II
MLS 4119Parasitology, Mycology, and Virology
MLS 4216Clinical Bacteriology Laboratory
MLS 4219Parasitology, Mycology, and Virology Laboratory
MLS 4164Clinical Microbiology Practicum
5 credits in elective courses