The Elliott School of International Affairs cooperates with the Law School in offering a program of study leading to a joint master of arts and juris doctor degree. Student must be accepted for admission by both schools; applications should be made separately to each school, with a notice of interest in the joint program. The Law School stipulates that the first year of coursework for the Juris Doctor degree must be taken as a unit; students should consult with the Law School’s Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

As part of this program, each school accepts up to 12 credits of coursework from the other school in fulfillment of its degree requirements. The Elliott School MA portion of the program may not include a thesis. The joint program takes approximately four years of full-time study for completion. All requirements for both degrees must be fulfilled. As degrees in joint programs are awarded simultaneously, degree requirements for both programs must be met before either degree is awarded. Joint degree students must apply for graduation from both schools. All work for this joint degree program must be completed in five years, unless an extension of time is granted by the respective deans.

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