The following requirements must be fulfilled: 18 credits, including 6 credits in required courses; one 3-credit course in nutrition; and one 3-credits course taken in each of the policy, innovation, and humanity course groups for a total of 9 credits.

GFI 1001Introduction to Food Systems
GFI 3095Food Leadership Capstone
Selected courses
Nutrition course
One course in nutrition selected from the following:
BISC 1005The Biology of Nutrition and Health
BISC 1007Food, Nutrition, and Service
EXNS 2119Introduction to Nutrition Science
Group courses
One course selected in each of the policy, innovation, and humanity groups:
Policy group
ANTH 3991Special Topics (Environmental Rights and Justice for both ANTH 3991 and IAFF 3190)
or IAFF 3190 Special Topics in International Affairs
EXNS 1114Community Nutrition
EXNS 2122Food Systems in Public Health
EXNS 2126WInternational Nutrition
EXNS 2127Introduction to Food Policy
GEOG 3195Special Topics in Human Geography (Agriculture and Sustainable Food Systems)
GEOG 3275Sustainable Food Systems
Innovation group
PUBH 3150Sustainable Energy and Environmental Health
SUST 3003World on a Plate
Humanity group
EXNS 3120Experiences in Community Nutrition
FREN 2500Cultural Politics of Food in France
GEOG 2133People, Land, and Food
GEOG 3194Special Topics in Physical Geography (Environmental Conservation)
ITAL 2600Culture and Conflict in Italian Foodways