The following requirements must be fulfilled: 36 credits in required courses, successful completion of the master of arts in education and human development comprehensive examination, and completion of the relevant teacher licensure assessments (see below). 

SPED 6200Foundations of Reading Instruction
SPED 6201Overview of Legal Issues in Educating Students with Disabilities
SPED 6202Researching Current Trends in Special Education
SPED 6203Research and Practice of Diagnostic Reading for Students with Disabilities
SPED 6204Analysis of Personalized Teaching for Professionals Working with Students with Disabilities
SPED 6210Universal Design for Learning and Assessment
SPED 6233Culturally Responsive Curriculum in Special Education
SPED 6260Developmental Assessment in Special Education
SPED 6288Understanding the Characteristics and Needs of Students with Disabilities
SPED 6290Affective Development and Behavior Management for Teaching Students with Disabilities
SPED 6990Practicum in Teaching Students with Disabilities
SPED 6991Internship in Teaching Students with Disabilities
Additional requirements
Successful completion of the comprehensive examination.
Completion of the relevant teacher licensure assessments (i.e., PRAXIS) required by the District of Columbia Educator Licensure Services Office