Explanation of Course Numbers

  • Courses in the 1000s are primarily introductory undergraduate courses
  • Those in the 2000s to 4000s are upper-level undergraduate courses that also may be taken for graduate credit with permission and additional work assigned
  • Those in the 6000s and 8000s are for master’s, doctoral, and professional-level students
  • The 6000s are open to advanced undergraduate students with approval of the instructor and the dean or advising office

PSAD 6200. Global Perspective Residencies. 3,6 Credits.

Residencies focused on understanding how successful approaches to advocacy vary around the world.

PSAD 6240. Global Advocacy: Strategies, Tools, and Tactics. 3 Credits.

The current state of global advocacy and analysis of strategic models. Consideration of which advocacy tools are best used for specific tasks and how they can be applied around the globe. Specific advocacy tools and techniques that maximize success in regions and countries. Students choose either PSAD 6240 or PSAD 6270, depending on their chosen program emphasis; credit cannot be earned for both courses.