Explanation of Course Numbers

  • Courses in the 1000s are primarily introductory undergraduate courses
  • Those in the 2000s to 4000s are upper-level undergraduate courses that also may be taken for graduate credit with permission and additional work assigned
  • Those in the 6000s and 8000s are for master’s, doctoral, and professional-level students
  • The 6000s are open to advanced undergraduate students with approval of the instructor and the dean or advising office

HDEV 5099. Variable Topics. 1-99 Credits.

HDEV 6108. Life Span Human Development. 3 Credits.

Continuity and change in developmental attributes. The developing person in relation to social norms, roles, and stage-graded expectations from birth to death. Interaction between biogenetics and environment.

HDEV 6109. Child Development. 3 Credits.

Typical development and the familial and social antecedents of developmental risk. Environments that foster competent children and developmental sequelae of childhood vulnerability and trauma. For graduate students in counseling, psychology, and related disciplines.

HDEV 6110. Adolescent Development. 3 Credits.

Key attributes and problems in adolescent development. Typical adolescent development and contemporary social problems in relation to stress, risk, and resilience. For graduate students in counseling, psychology, and related areas.

HDEV 6129. Cultural Effects on Human Development. 3 Credits.

Effects of culture on the experience and expression of self, others, space, time, faith systems, norms, and other attributes. Egocentric and sociocentric effects, primitive and technological effects. Group immersion as the basis for prejudice. Developmental consequences as a consequence of cultural context.

HDEV 6161. Practicum in Human Development. 3 Credits.

Permission of the instructor required prior to enrollment.

HDEV 6162. Internship in Human Development. 3 Credits.

Permission of the instructor required prior to enrollment.

HDEV 6701. Adult Learning. 3 Credits.

Same as HOL 6701.

HDEV 8100. Issues and Special Topics in Human Development. 3-6 Credits.

Issues and special contemporary topics related to child, adolescent, and adult development. Applications for professional roles.

HDEV 8241. Emotional and Cognitive Development. 3 Credits.

Emotional and cognitive development as related to self-esteem, social cognition, and interpersonal skills. Relationships among cognitive development, intellectual reasoning, insight, and social development.

HDEV 8244. Adult and Aging Development. 3 Credits.

Theories and research on personality and intelligence in adulthood. Research designs and methods. Implications of developmental data for counseling and selected professional roles.

HDEV 8253. Work, Identity, and Adult Development. 3 Credits.

The influence of work on identity, intellectual and personality development, and other developmental attributes. Same as CNSL 8253/ HOL 8742.