Explanation of Course Numbers

  • Courses in the 1000s are primarily introductory undergraduate courses
  • Those in the 2000s to 4000s are upper-level undergraduate courses that also may be taken for graduate credit with permission and additional work assigned
  • Those in the 6000s and 8000s are for master’s, doctoral, and professional-level students
  • The 6000s are open to advanced undergraduate students with approval of the instructor and the dean or advising office

HCQ 5099. Variable Topics. 1-99 Credits.

HCQ 6200. Introduction to Healthcare Quality. 3 Credits.

Overview of the U.S. healthcare system and the influence of health policy development and implementation on healthcare quality. Introduction to fundamental concepts of healthcare quality, patient safety, leadership, and change management.

HCQ 6201. Building a Quality Culture. 3 Credits.

Application of leadership and organizational change theories and principles to the implementation of quality and patient safety initiatives. Focus on strategies for developing the culture and infrastructure needed to support patient safety and continuous quality improvement.

HCQ 6202. Health Care Quality Landscape. 3 Credits.

Analysis of quality and patient safety challenges in U.S. healthcare with a focus on political and environmental influences.

HCQ 6203. Quality Improvement Science. 3 Credits.

An introduction to quality improvement and patient safety theories, models, methods and tools and their application to quality and safety improvement challenges in health care.

HCQ 6204. Health Care Quality Analysis. 3 Credits.

Application of measurement, data management and statistical analysis principles to quality improvement and patient safety challenges. Focus on the importance and design of effective measures and the selection of appropriate analysis tools.

HCQ 6205. Patient Safety Systems. 3 Credits.

An examination of the epidemiology and sources of error in health care, risk assessment, and the design of processes and systems to improve patient safety. Focus on the application of process and technology-based systems to reduce the incidence of error.

HCQ 6206. Health Information, Quality and Outcomes. 3 Credits.

Approaches to medical informatics to support managerial, patient care, and quality improvement decision making in clinical practice, considering ethical, legal, and social dimensions of health care.

HCQ 6275. Leadership and Change. 3 Credits.

A capstone course focusing on the concept of leading change within the contexts of health professionals, health systems, and health policy. Organizational, management, and change theories as well as characteristics of personal and professional change leadership are explored in relation to expectations for successful executive leadership and performance in today's dynamic health care environments.