Explanation of Course Numbers

  • Courses in the 1000s are primarily introductory undergraduate courses
  • Those in the 2000s to 4000s are upper-level undergraduate courses that also may be taken for graduate credit with permission and additional work assigned
  • Those in the 6000s and 8000s are for master’s, doctoral, and professional-level students
  • The 6000s are open to advanced undergraduate students with approval of the instructor and the dean or advising office

GCON 6290. Special Topics. 3 Credits.

Topics vary by semester. May be repeated for credit provided topic differs. See the Schedule of Classes for more details. Recommended background: GCON 6502 and GCON 6503.

GCON 6501. Capstone Research and Writing Project. 3 Credits.

Students produce an original project to demonstrate accumulated learning and professional development in the government contracts field. Course requirements are fulfilled through completion of either a research thesis of approximately 6,000 words or alternate projects determined in consultation with the program director. Restricted to For Master of Science in Government Contracts candidates.

GCON 6502. Formation of Government Contracts. 3 Credits.

Survey of the law pertaining to government procurement, including an analysis of the unique features of government contracting and a discussion of the functions of Congress, the executive branch, and the courts in the procurement process. Focus on the contract formation process, including techniques for awarding contracts and litigation and protests involving awards. (Same as LAW 6502)

GCON 6503. Performance of Government Contracts. 3 Credits.

Substantive problems that most frequently arise during the performance of government contracts. Interpretation of specifications and the most generally used contract clauses; analysis of the rights of the parties when performance in accordance with the terms of the contract is not obtained. Analysis of the methods that can be used by the parties to a government contract to obtain legal relief, including detailed coverage of the disputes procedure, actions for breach of contract, and forms of equitable and extraordinary relief. (Same as LAW 6503)

GCON 6504. MSGC Capstone Scholarly Writing. 1 Credit.

A research and writing project completed under the supervision of the law school that integrates students' cumulative learning experiences in and demonstrates their understanding of government contract law and business. The project addresses a current acquisition issue of interest to the student. Students are expected to produce a final paper for submission to a relevant scholarly journal for publication. Restricted to Master of Science in Government Contracts candidates.

GCON 6505. Marketing for the Government Marketplace. 3 Credits.

The key elements of the business environment that affect marketing for the federal government. Important characteristics of government versus consumer and business markets; segmentation, targeting, and positioning; brand equity and the importance of building strong brands. Key issues and decisions associated with the marketing mix (products, pricing, distribution, and promotion). Application of marketing principles and theories to federal government contracting opportunities.

GCON 6506. Pricing Issues in Government Contracts. 3 Credits.

Fundamentals of government contracts cost and pricing. The regulatory, accounting, estimating and financial foundations of cost and pricing, including Federal Acquisition Regulation (“FAR”) Part 15, FAR Part 31, and Cost Accounting Standards (“CAS”). Topics examined from both contractor and government perspectives include evaluating cost and pricing of government contract proposals, negotiating fair and reasonable contract prices, evaluating requests for equitable adjustment and claims that arise in government contract performance, and settlement proposals in terminations for convenience. Case studies and class presentations allow students to practice and enhance their skills based on practical issues that arise in the cost and pricing arena.

GCON 6508. Comparative Public Procurement. 2 Credits.

Comparative study of laws, regulations, and procedures dealing with public procurement, with a focus on common issues and challenges facing government procurement systems throughout the world; approaches of the U.S. federal system compared to those of various international organizations. Restricted to students in the MS in government contracts program. Prerequisite: GCON 6515.

GCON 6509. State and Local Procurement. 2 Credits.

Common procurement methods and solutions used in state and local governments and comparison with those used in federal procurement systems; the distinct evolution of state and federal procurement legal systems and whether they should be more closely connected. Restricted to students in the MS in government contracts program. Prerequisite: GCON 6515.

GCON 6510. Foreign Government Contracting. 2 Credits.

Special legal and policy issues resulting from the emergence of a highly globalized public procurement market; export controls, anti-corruption requirements, and unique legal rules for certain types of foreign assistance. Restricted to students in the MS in government contracts program. Prerequisite: GCON 6515.

GCON 6511. Federal Grants Law. 2 Credits.

The federal financial assistance system and specific legal issues arising with respect to management of federal grants and cooperative agreements. Restricted to students in the MS in government contracts program.

GCON 6512. Government Procurement of Intellectual Property Seminar. 2 Credits.

Intellectual property law in terms of its challenges to federal government procurement rules; competing policy demands for innovation, transparency, and sound public investment in the intersection of intellectual property law and federal procurement rules. Restricted to students in the MS in government contracts program.

GCON 6513. Procurement Reform. 2 Credits.

Emerging issues in U.S. public procurement law; reforms regarding integrity, transparency, and competition; European procurement law as a comparative counter-example to U.S. law. Restricted to students in the MS in government contracts program. Prerequisite: GCON 6515. Credit cannot be earned for this course and GCON 6509.

GCON 6514. Anti-Corruption and Compliance. 2 Credits.

Domestic and international anti-corruption laws; traditional U.S. bribery and gratuity laws and the implementation and enforcement of these laws and programs; international anti-corruption efforts in enforcement and through international instruments. Restricted to students in the MS in government contracts program.

GCON 6515. Advanced Writing for Government Contracts. 2 Credits.

Understanding and analyzing the fundamental parts of the writing process to achieve greater mastery of written communication. Students reflect on their own writing process, identify areas for improvement, and develop advanced practical skills. Restricted to students in the MS in government contracts program. Prerequisites: GCON 6502 and GCON 6503.