Only students outside of the School of Business may pursue this minor and may declare it directly with their home school advisor; a signature from a GWSB academic advisor is not required.

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 18 credits, including 9 credits in required courses and 9 credits in selected courses.

See GWSB Regulations for additional information regarding minor programs.

Required minor courses
MGT 3201Leadership in Action
MGT 3300Entrepreneurship
MGT 3305Human Capital Sustainability
Three courses selected from the following:
BADM 3103Human Capital in Organizations
DNSC 4404Essentials of Project Management
MGT 3301Small Business Management
MGT 3302e-Entrepreneurship
MGT 3303Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership
MGT 4003Management of the Growing Entrepreneurial Venture
MGT 4082New Venture Initiation
MGT 4084Family Business
or MGT 6284 Family Business Management
MGT 4086Creativity and Innovation
or MGT 6286 Creativity and Innovation
MGT 4900Special Topics
or MGT 4900W Special Topics
TSTD 3301Hospitality Industry Management
TSTD 4101Issues in Sport and Event Management