The following requirements must be fulfilled: 9 credits, with one 3-credit course taken from each of three groups.

One course (3 credits) selected from each of the following groups:
Group A: Approaches to immigration and global migration
AMST 2410WModern U.S. Immigration
or HIST 2410W Modern U.S. Immigration
GEOG 2127Population Geography
SOC 2174Sociology of Immigration
Group B: Migration and immigration cultures
ENGL 2711Postcolonialism and Migration in Global Anglophone Literature and Film
ENGL 3730Topics in Global Postcolonial Literature and Film
or WGSS 3730 Topics in Global Postcolonial Literature and Film
Group C: U.S. immigration experiences and narratives
AMST 2750Latinos in the United States
ENGL 2100Introduction to Asian American Studies through Literature
HIST 2305Majors' Introductory Seminar: United States (on the topic Africans in America)
or HIST 2305W Majors’ Introductory Seminar: United States
SPAN 4420Global Migrations in the Spanish-Speaking World