The following requirements must be fulfilled: 34 credits, including 28 credits in required courses and 6 credits in elective courses.

One of the following options:
Option A:
GER 1001First-Year German I
GER 1002First-Year German II
GER 1003Second-Year German I
GER 1004Second-Year German II
Option B
GER 1005Intensive Beginning German I
GER 1006Intensive Beginning German II
One of the following:
GER 2009
GER 2010
Intermediate German I
and Intermediate German II
GER 2101
GER 2102
Readings in Contemporary German I
and Readings in Contemporary German II
One of the following:
GER 2091
GER 2092
Introduction to German Literature—in English I
and Introduction to German Literature—in English II
GER 2109
GER 2110
Advanced Conversation and Composition
and Germany in the Age of Globalization
GER 2161
GER 2162
German Culture–in English I
and German Culture–in English II
Two additional upper-level German (GER) courses excluding:
GER 2101Readings in Contemporary German I
GER 2102Readings in Contemporary German II