The following requirements must be fulfilled: 18 credits, including 6 credits in required courses and 12 credits in elective courses.

SMPA 1050Media in a Free Society
SMPA 2110WIntroduction to News Writing and Reporting
9 credits in courses selected from the following:
SMPA 2111WAdvanced News Reporting
SMPA 3230Reporting in the Digital Age
SMPA 3232Online Journalism Workshop
SMPA 3233Photojournalism
SMPA 3234Editing and Design for Print and Web
SMPA 3235WBroadcast News Writing
SMPA 3236WBroadcast News Reporting
SMPA 3239Television News Practicum
SMPA 3240WWashington Reporting
SMPA 3241WCampaign Reporting
SMPA 3242Investigative Reporting
SMPA 3243WFeature Writing
SMPA 3244WNarrative Journalism
SMPA 3245WEditorial and Persuasive Writing
SMPA 3246Specialized Reporting
SMPA 3246WSpecialized Reporting
SMPA 3247Documentary Production
SMPA 3193Selected Topics in Journalism and Mass Communication Skills
SMPA 3197Internship (Students are limited to 3 credits of SMPA 3197 toward the minor)
3 credits from the following:
SMPA 2173Media Law
SMPA 2177Media History
SMPA 3428Media, Politics, and Government
SMPA 3450Social Media
SMPA 3469International Communication
SMPA 3471Media in the Developing World
SMPA 3472Media and Foreign Policy
SMPA 3475Media Management
SMPA 3476Media, Technology, and Culture
SMPA 3479Documentary
SMPA 3480The Future of Journalism
SMPA 3195Selected Topics in Journalism and Mass Communication