The following requirements must be fulfilled: 18 credits.

Required language proficiency
Students must demonstrate proficiency in one of the ancient languages by successfully completing one course (3 credits) in Latin or in ancient Greek numbered 1002 or above. The same course may not be used to satisfy the language proficiency requirement and also count toward the elective course requirement.
Five courses (15 credits) from the following:
AH 3101Ancient Art of the Bronze Age and Greece
AH 3102Ancient Art of the Roman Empire
AH 3106Art and Archaeology of Israel and Neighboring Lands
or ANTH 3805 Archaeology of Israel and Neighboring Lands
AH 3104Art and Archaeology of the Aegean Bronze Age
or ANTH 3806 Art and Archaeology of the Aegean Bronze Age
ANTH 3834Field Research: Old World
CLAS 2104Ancient Medicine and Modern Medical Terms
CLAS 2105Special Topics
CLAS 2105WSpecial Topics
CLAS 2106Mythology of the Classical World
CLAS 2106WMythology of the Classical World
CLAS 2107Greek and Roman Drama
CLAS 2112History of Ancient Greece
or HIST 2112 History of Ancient Greece
CLAS 2113The Roman World to 337 A.D.
or HIST 2113 The Roman World to 337 A.D.
CLAS 2802Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Near East
CLAS 2803The Ancient Near East and Egypt to 322 B.C.
or HIST 2803 The Ancient Near East and Egypt to 322 B.C.
CLAS 2804History of Ancient Israel
or HIST 2804 History of Ancient Israel
CLAS 3107Law and Diplomacy in the Ancient Near East and Mediterranean
CLAS 3111Topics in Ancient History
or HIST 3111 Topics in Ancient History
CLAS 3112Art and Archaeology of Pompeii
CLAS 3113Greece and Rome in the Art and Architecture of Washington D.C.
CLAS 3114Topics in Ancient Literatures and Cultures
CLAS 3115Topics in Ancient Art and Archaeology
CLAS 3116Identity in the Greco-Roman World
or HIST 3116 Identity in the Greco-Roman World
CLAS 3117Alexander the Great
or HIST 3117
CLAS 3119The Ancient Economy
or HIST 3119 The Ancient Economy
CLAS 3901Directed Project
CLAS 3901WDirected Project
CLAS 4901Directed Project
GREK 2001Intermediate Classical Greek I
GREK 2002Intermediate Classical Greek II
GREK 3001Major Greek Authors I
GREK 3002Major Greek Authors II
LATN 2001Intermediate Latin
LATN 2002Poetry of Empire
or LATN 2002W Poetry of Empire
LATN 3001Major Latin Authors I
or LATN 3001W Major Latin Authors I
LATN 3002Major Latin Authors II
or LATN 3002W Major Latin Authors II