Minor in Public Health

Program Director S. Wilensky

Advisor M. Wilson

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 18 credits, including 9 credits in required courses and 9 credits in elective courses.

PUBH 1101Introduction to Public Health & Health Svcs
PUBH 3131Epidemiology: Measuring Health and Disease
PUBH 3133Global Health & Development *
9 credits in elective courses.
Students may fulfill the eletive requirement by taking any PUBH course (excluding PUBH 4140W) or any course from the School of Public Health's approved PUBH elective course list from the bachlor of science in public health program. In addition, students may take up to 3 elective credits from the SPH approved study abroad or non-GW course lists.*
9 credits from the following:
ANTH 3504Illness, Healing, and Culture
ANTH 3513Anthropology of Human Rights
ANTH 6302Issues in Development
BIOC 3560Diet, Health, and Longevity
EXNS 1114Community Nutrition
EXNS 2119Introduction to Nutrition Science
EXNS 2122Food Systems in Public Health
GEOG 2127Population Geography
GEOG 2137Environmental Hazards
HIST 3363Race, Medicine & Public Health
HLWL 1106Drug Awareness
HLWL 1109Human Sexuality
HLWL 1110Issues in Alternative Medicine
HSCI 2101Psychosocial Aspects of Health and Illness
PUBH 2113Impact of Culture upon Health
PUBH 2114Environment, Health, and Development
PUBH 2115Health, Human Rights, and Displaced Persons
PUBH 2116Global Delivery of Health Systems
PUBH 2117Service Learning in Public Health
PUBH 3136Health Law
PUBH 3137Global Public Health Nutrition
PUBH 3150Sustainable Energy & Env Hlth
PUBH 3151Current Issues in Bioethics
PUBH 3199Topics in Public Health

*Advising documents are maintained by and available from the SPH Undergraduate Program Advisor.