Master of Public Health: MPH@GW

Program Director  M. Turner

Program Description

This distance education track for the master of public health (MPH) degree emphasizes local, national, and global health practice. The program emphasizes interdisciplinary teaching, and focuses on core competencies/skills and uses cases/other materials from both the U.S. and abroad. The pedagogy allows students to tailor their education to community level, national, or global interests in the U.S. and countries around the world, emphasizing interdisciplinary public health competencies, including biostatistics and epidemiology; cultural competency; health communication; leadership; professionalism; planning, implementation and evaluation methods; public health biology; and systems thinking.

The MPH@GW track is taught in 10-week quarters across the calendar year (4 quarters per year).


Provide a practice-oriented MPH curriculum that enables graduates to be leaders in the design of population and community health programs in the US and globally.

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The following requirements must be fulfilled: 45 credits, including 15 credits in core courses, 15 credits in program-specific courses, 11 credits in elective courses, 2 credits in a practicum, and 2 credits in a culminating experience. 

PUBH 6001Biological Concepts in Public Health
PUBH 6002Biostatistical Applications for Public Health
PUBH 6003Principles and Practices of Epidemiology
PUBH 6004Environmental and Occupational Health in a Sustainable World
PUBH 6006Management and Policy Approaches to Public Health
PUBH 6007Social and Behavioral Approaches to Public Health
PUBH 6050Introduction to Health Services Delivery
PUBH 6052Practical Data Management and Analysis for Public Health
PUBH 6437Global Health Program Evaluation
PUBH 6442Comparative Global Health Systems
PUBH 6500Planning and Implementing Health Promotion Programs
PUBH 6503Introduction to Public Health Communication and Marketing
Practicum and culminating experience
PUBH 6014Practicum (professionals already working in public health may substitute an elective with appropriate approval)
PUBH 6060MPH@GW Culminating Experience I
PUBH 6061MPH@GW Culminating Experience II
11 credits in any SPH graduate courses

Visit the MPH@GW website for an updated list of electives.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Graduate credit requirement: 45 graduate credits.
  2. Course requirements: Successful completion of core and program-specific courses.
  3. Minimum grade-point requirement: 3.0 (B average) overall grade-point average.
  4. Time limit requirement: The degree must be completed within four years.
  5. Transfer credit policy: Up to 12 graduate credits that have not been applied to a previous graduate degree may be transferred to the Master of Public Health program. External credits must have been earned from an accredited institution in the last three years with a minimum grade (or grade-point average) of B (3.0) or above. SPH graduate certificate students can transfer as many credits as meet program requirements—up to 18 credits—to the MPH degree. Graduate certificate students wishing to transfer to a degree program may apply to do so via the online change of concentration petition after completion of three or more courses and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. A grade of B or above is required for a course to be eligible for transfer.