Doctor of Philosophy in the Field of Exercise Physiology and Applied Nutrition

Program Director J. Sacheck

The PhD in exercise physiology and applied nutrition (EPAN) incorporates a fundamental and deep core appreciation that both exercise and nutrition together are more powerful in fighting many of the most significant public health problems of our time uniquely integrating both disciplines and which often have synergistic impacts on health. This multidisciplinary program provides a rigorous educational opportunity with a curriculum grounded in science and includes the use of sound methodological approaches and innovative thinking that leads to the advancement of knowledge that can be translated into real-world health applications of physiology and nutrition.  

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The following requirements must be fulfilled:

Required foundational courses
7 credits in required foundational courses:
EXNS 6204Biostatistical Methods and Research Design
EXNS 8102Writing a Research Grant Application
PUBH 6003Principles and Practices of Epidemiology
PUBH 6080Pathways to Public Health
Advanced research methods
At least one course (3 credits) selected from the following:
EDUC 8122Qualitative Research Methods
EDUC 8131Case Study Research Methods
EDUC 8140Ethnographic Research Methods
EDUC 8171Predictive Designs and Analyses
EDUC 8172Multivariate Analysis
EDUC 8173Structural Equation Modeling
PUBH 8364Quantitative Methods
PUBH 8417Qualitative Research Methods and Analysis
PUBH 8418Applied Statistical Analysis
PUBH 8419Measurement in Public Health and Health Services
Required core courses
16 credits in required core courses:
EXNS 6209Advanced Concepts in Nutrition Science
EXNS 6810Advanced Metabolism
EXNS 8106Advanced Concepts in Applied Human Physiology
EXNS 8108Laboratory Techniques in Human Physiology and Nutrition
EXNS 8110Seminar in Exercise Physiology and Applied Nutrition
PUBH 8116Communicating Research Results
At least 8 credits in elective courses.
Dissertation research
11 to 14 credits in dissertation research courses:
PUBH 8435Dissertation Proposal Development for Social and Behavioral Sciences (2 credits)
EXNS 8999Dissertation Research (9 to 12 credits)

Successful completion of the comprehensive examination is required to continue to candidacy after required coursework has been completed.