The following requirements must be fulfilled: 18 credits, including 12 credits in required courses and 6 credits in elective courses.

PSPB 6201Book and Journal Publishing
PSPB 6203Business of Publishing
PSPB 6205Copyright Law in Publishing
PSPB 6207Marketing Strategies
PSPB 6251Fundamentals of Electronic Publishing
6 credits in any courses selected from one or more of the following groups:
Editorial group
PSPB 6126Children's Publishing and Media
PSPB 6214Professional Editor
PSPB 6215Editing Special Projects
PSPB 6216Mastering Book Acquisitions
PSPB 6261Contracts, Rights, and Permissions
PSPB 6281Ethics in Publishing
Business and marketing group
PSPB 6221Publishing Management, Organization, and Strategy
PSPB 6222Accounting and Finance for Publishers
PSPB 6223Global Publishing
PSPB 6236Publishing Entrepreneurship
PSPB 6272Book Publicity and Promotion
Technology, production, and design group
PSPB 6213Elements of Book Design
PSPB 6232Production Management
PSPB 6256E-Publishing Technologies
PSPB 6257Designing for E-Publishing Success
PSPB 6259E-Publishing Tools