Doctor of Philosophy in the Field of Nursing

To meet the demands of a growing health workforce, the nursing profession needs to increase the supply of doctorally prepared faculty and researchers trained to educate the next generation. The national shortage of faculty is reaching critical proportions, resulting in a significant impact on educational programs and their capacity to educate future generations of nursing students.

GW Nursing offers a low-residency PhD in nursing with opportunities to collaborate with faculty on subjects such as nursing education, symptom management, health equity, health services and more. Students will be prepared as nurse scientists and faculty with an emphasis on research. A dissertation and comprehensive exam is required.

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NURS 8440Philosophy of Science and Theories
NURS 8441Statistics for Health Care Research I
NURS 8442Statistics for Health Care Research II
NURS 8443Research Program Development Seminar I
NURS 8445Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Research Designs
NURS 8446Qualitative Research Design
or THS 8123 Qualitative Methods in Translational Health Sciences
NURS 8447Measurement for Health Care Research
NURS 8448Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
NURS 8449Non-Experimental Research Design
NURS 8450Research Rotation
NURS 8451Research Practicum
NURS 8452Team Science and Collaboration
or THS 8103 Principles of Collaboration and Team Science
NURS 8453Leadership and Health Policy
NURS 8454Proposal Development Seminar
NURS 8455Dissertation
Students take a minimum of 6 elective credits in elective course designed to inform their dissertation research. Elective options are available through the DNP program or another GW school if such courses align with the student’s research interests. Those options are also listed below.
NURS 6291Advanced Topics
NURS 8404Health Services Research and Policy for Nurses
NURS 8405Health Care Quality Improvement
NURS 8407Grant Writing
PPPA 8022Econometrics for Policy Research II
PPPA 8164Seminar on Program Evaluation
PUBH 8404Advanced Topics: Health Systems and Health Policy Research
PUBH 8405Advanced Topics: Health Economics Research
PUBH 8416Study Design & Evaluation Methods
PUBH 8419Measurement in Public Health and Health Services
THS 8109Implementation Science and Innovation Leadership
THS 8212Teaching Strategies in the Health Professions
THS 8127Systematic Reviews of Health Care Innovations