Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences with a Major in Medical Laboratory Science

Medical laboratory sciences combines medicine, basic sciences, and clinical sciences. Professionals in the field investigate and determine the causes of disease, using the latest biomedical instruments and molecular techniques to perform both routine and complex testing. The bachelor of science in health sciences (BSHS) with a major in medical laboratory science (MLS) is a degree completion program that is offered in two formats: distance learning or a hybrid of distance learning and on-campus study:

  • BSHS. in Medical Laboratory Science—Fully Online: Offered entirely via distance learning, the BSHS. in MLS is for students who have successfully completed a medical laboratory technician (MLS) program and are currently certified MLTs. 

  • BSHS in Medical Laboratory Science—Blended:  The blended BSHS. in MLS is for students who have completed 60 credits towards an associate’s degree or who have earned an associate’s degree along with the required prerequisite science and general education courses.

This program is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS)

Visit the program website for additional information.

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 120 credits, including a minimum of 60 credits in required courses completed at GW and up to 60 transfer credits in courses taken elsewhere. Eligible students admitted through approved SMHS Guaranteed Admission Agreements partnerships must complete a minimum of 52 required credits at GW; eligibility is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

60 credits of general education and advanced standing, including:
3 credits in English composition
8 credits in biology with lab*^
8 credits general or inorganic chemistry with lab*^
4 credits in microbiology with lab*^
3 credits in organic chemistry or biochemistry*
3 credits in college mathematics (college algebra, statistics or higher)
3 credits in humanities
6 credits in social sciences
22 credits of advanced standing**
Requirements for the major
HSCI 2112WWriting in the Health Sciences
HSCI 4112WResearch and Writing in Health Sciences
MLS 4115Parasitology and Mycology
MLS 4123Clinical Microbiology I
MLS 4124Clinical Microbiology II
MLS 4128Hematology I
MLS 4129Hematology II
MLS 4141Immunology and Serology
MLS 4145Clinical Biochemistry I
MLS 4146Clinical Biochemistry II
MLS 4158Laboratory Management and Operations
MLS 4150Immunohematology
MLS 4151Molecular Diagnostics
MLS 4159Capstone Seminar
Additional requirements for students in the fully online B.S.H.S. program
HSCI 2102Pathophysiology
HSCI 2105Current Issues in Bioethics
MLS 4136Clinical Experience I
MLS 4137Clinical Experience II
MLS 4138Clinical Experience III
MLS 4139Clinical Experience IV
One of the following:
HSCI 2101Psychosocial Aspects of Health and Illness
HSCI 2107Health Care in Literature
HSCI 4106Introduction to Epidemiology for Health Sciences
Additional requirements for students in the hybrid B.S.H.S. program
MLS 4160Blood Bank Practicum
MLS 4161Clinical Biochemistry Practicum
MLS 4162Hematology Practicum
MLS 4164Clinical Microbiology Practicum
MLS 4165Urinalysis Practicum
MLS 4166Coagulation Practicum
9 credits from the following:
MLS 4214Clinical Microbiology I Laboratory
MLS 4215Clinical Parasitology and Mycology Laboratory
MLS 4224Clinical Microbiology II Laboratory
MLS 4228Hematology I Laboratory
MLS 4229Hematology II Laboratory
MLS 4250Immunohematology Laboratory
MLS 4251Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory
MLS 4245Clinical Biochemistry I Laboratory
MLS 4255Clinical Biochemistry II Laboratory

*Medical laboratory technicians (MLTs) may receive transfer credit for biological sciences, general microbiology, general chemistry, and organic chemistry/biochemistry courses.
**Additional academic coursework. Non-traditional credit sources may be considered on a case-by-case basis (i.e. military coursework, credit-by-exam, and non-college based health programs). Students should have previous coursework in ethics and cultural or global perspectives.

^Hands-on lab required. Online lab not acceptable.