Doctor of Philosophy in the Field of Translational Health Sciences

The doctor of philosophy in the field of translational health sciences degree program helps prepare graduates to address complex healthcare challenges by conceptualizing health systems broadly in terms of transitions between basic scientific discovery, clinical insights, implications for practice, implications for population health, and improved global health.

The Ph.D. requires 54 credits beyond a master’s degree, successful completion of two comprehensive examinations, a proposal defense, and a defended dissertation. The curriculum is blended, integrating didactic and facilitated learning activities from content. It is delivered via distance learning and on campus (two weekends per semester for a total of 32 hours per semester) at the Virginia Science and Technology (VSTC) campus in Ashburn, VA.

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The following requirements must be fulfilled: 54 credits, successful completion of two comprehensive examinations, a proposal defense, and a defended dissertation.

Collaboration science
THS 8512Cross-Disciplinary Principles and Analysis
THS 8543Knowledge Translation to Improve Healthcare
THS 8551Transformative Health Care Leadership
Translational research
THS 8272Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Designs in Mixed Methods Research
THS 8611Foundations in Translational Research
THS 8622Advanced Study Design for Translational Research
THS 8633Advanced Statistical Methods for Clinical and Translational Research
THS 8664Bioethical Implications of Health Research
One of the following:
CRA 6205Clinical Investigation
HSCI 6265Grantsmanship in Trans Res
OT 8220Measurement of Human Function and Learning
THS 8961Proposal Defense Preparation (taken for 3 credits)
THS 8971Dissertation Seminar I
THS 8982Dissertation Seminar II
THS 8993Dissertation Seminar III
Implementation science
THS 8274Using Program Theory to Develop and Evaluate Health Intervention Programs
THS 8723Change Models for Quality Improvement
THS 8751Translational Research in Complex Health Systems
THS 8764Clinical Public Health
3 credits of independent study
HSCI 6297Indpendnt Study/Health Profess