Master of Science in Health Sciences in the Field of Physician Assistant

The master of science in health sciences in the field of physician assistant studies helps health professionals to extend and complement the capabilities of physicians in the delivery of health care. The program curriculum emphasizes a scholarly approach to medicine, development of organizational and critical-thinking skills, and evidence-based medicine. 

Specific admission requirements are shown on the Graduate Program Finder.

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 104 credits in required courses.

ANAT 6215Anatomy for Health Sciences Students
PA 6101Clinical Assessment I
PA 6102Clinical Assessment II
PA 6103Clinical Assessment III
PA 6104Integration into Clinical Concepts I
PA 6105Integration into Clinical Concepts II
PA 6106Integration into Clinical Concepts III
PA 6109Foundations of Medicine
PA 6110Evidence Based Practice for PA Students
or PA 6111 Evidence Based Practice for PA/MPH Students
PA 6112Clinical Medicine I
PA 6113Clinical Medicine II
PA 6116Clinical Skills I
PA 6117Clinical Skills II
PA 6118Health, Justice, and Society I
PA 6119Health, Justice, and Society II
PA 6120Human Behavior
PA 6121Clinical Specialties
PA 6122Role of PA in American Health Care
PA 6259Introduction to Clinical Education
PA 6261Inpatient Medicine Clinical Practicum
PA 6262Primary Care Clinical Practicum
PA 6263Surgical Inpatient Clinical Practicum
PA 6264Women's Health Clinical Practicum
PA 6265Pediatrics Clinical Practicum
PA 6266Emergency Medicine Clinical Practicum
PA 6267Behavioral Medicine Clinical Practicum
PA 6268Elective Clinical Practicum I
PA 6300Introduction to Professional Practice
PHAR 6207Basic Principles of Pharmacology
PHAR 6208Pharm in Dis. Pathophysiology
PHYL 6211Physiology for Health Sciences Students