Master of Science in Health Sciences in the Field of Immunohematology

The master of science (MS) in health sciences in the field of immunohematology degree program is a military contract program and open only to service members enrolled in the Military Specialist in Blood Banking Technology program at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, which is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). The goal of the program is to prepare individuals to be competitive for careers in management, research and education in the area of immunohematology.

The MS program includes all aspects of blood transfusion medicine at the graduate level, including research methods, current topics in transfusion medicine, immunology, biochemistry, and genetics of all blood cell markers, as well as the indications, contraindications, and function of all blood components and therapeutic procedures. In addition to this didactic material, practical training in the areas of compatibility testing, donor collection, viral marker testing, component production and distribution, apheresis, education and research methods, histocompatibility testing, progenitor cell preservation, and quality assurance is also provided. Research in an area of immunohematology, culminating in a research project, is an integral part of the program.

Visit the program website for additional program information.

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 55 credits in required courses.

HSCI 6263Biostatistics Translational Research
HSCI 6297Independent Study for Health Professionals (taken for 1 credit)
MLS 6141Advanced Immunology and Serology
MLS 6151Advanced Molecular Diagnostics
MLS 6158Advanced Laboratory Management and Operations
MLS 6203Clinical Immunohematology I
MLS 6204Clinical Immunohematology II
MLS 6207Clinical Practicum: Blood Banking I
MLS 6208Clinical Practicum: Blood Banking II
MLS 6209Clinicl Pract:Blood BankingIII
MLS 6211Hematopoiesis &Blood Pathophys
MLS 6212Organization and Management of Blood Banks
MLS 6213Seminar in Immunohematology
MLS 6214Specialized Practicum
MLS 6245Current Topics in Medical Laboratory Science
MLS 6246Capstone Project