Master of Science in Health Sciences in the Field of Clinical Research Administration

The master of science in health sciences in the field of clinical research administration is designed to prepare health sciences professionals to participate in the science and business of the development process. Our rigorous curriculum focuses on regulatory requirements, ethical issues, processes for product development, the business of clinical research and scientific method processes. The distance education format, offered online, provides a convenient option for self-disciplined and self-directed students to pursue the program and prepare for professional advancement while maintaining their work and other commitments.

Upon completion of the graduate CRA program, the Program Student Learning Outcomes are:

  • Apply effective leadership and management practices to effectively lead and/or manage inter-disciplinary teams/projects by applying critical thinking and problem solving skill sets
  • Demonstrate a solid grasp of the clinical, regulatory and business requirements in the planning and conduct of a clinical trial.
  • Demonstrate research design principles through integrating scientific, medical, regulatory and commercial requirements and creating clinical development plan sections that provide for benefit to risk assessments in the development of a new investigational product.
  • Discuss the importance of assuring data integrity in a clinical trial and in the preparation of various clinical/regulatory documents.
  • Formulate strategies to address ethical and cultural considerations for effective and compliant domestic or international clinical trial conduct, in relation to key areas such as human subjects’ protection, subject recruitment/retention, data integrity and risk assessment.

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The MSHS in the field of clinical research administration (CRA) requires successful completion of 36 credits, including: 18 credits in clinical research administsration, 9 credits of strategic leadership courses, 6 credits of graduate research coursework, and a 3-credit elective course.

Clinical research administration courses
CRA 6201Critical Analysis Clinical Research
CRA 6202Medicines Development
CRA 6203Partnerships with Human Subjects
CRA 6204The Clinical Research Industry
CRA 6209Quality and Risk Management
CRA 6275Leadership and Change in Clinical Research Administration
Strategic leadership courses
HSCI 6223Topics in Health Care Leadership
HSCI 6240Issues and Trends in the Health Care System
HSCI 6241The Health Care Enterprise
Graduate research courses
HSCI 6263Biostatistics Translational Research
HSCI 6264Epidemiology Translational Research
One of the following
CRA 6208International Clinical Research
CRA 6211Monitoring, Auditing, and Oversight in Clinical Research