Doctor of Occupational Therapy (Entry-Level)

This program has a Fall 2021 start date.

This OTD program prepares entry-level occupational therapists (OT) to work in the community with other members of a healthcare, education, and community team to develop, improve, or restore independence in individuals across the lifespan who are experiencing barriers to full participation in society due to physical, mental or developmental disability. Occupational therapists use engagement in daily life activities (occupations) as a therapeutic agent to develop human capacity for productive and meaningful living.
The entry-level OTD program is a three-year (eight semester) plan of study requiring coursework, fieldwork, and a doctoral capstone project. The hybrid program combines online and on-campus “residency” experiences. The on-campus residency portion occurs one week each month of a semester for experiential and active learning of clinical competencies required to perform as an occupational therapist.

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

Proposed Sequence
Fall Semester I
OT 8000Neuroscience for Rehabilitation
OT 8010Human Conditions
OT 8101Human Occupation I
OT 8110Group Dynamics
OT 8111Social and Population Conditions
Spring Semester II
OT 8001Movement Science
OT 8002Human Development and Behavior
OT 8102Human Occupation II
OT 8501Research in OT Practice I
OT 8401OT Fieldwork 1A
Summer Semester III
OT 8201Occupational Therapy for Mental Health
OT 8231Case Analysis I
OT 8310Advocacy & Systems of OT Care
OT 8402OT Fieldwork 1B
OT 8502Research in OT Practice II
Fall Semester IV
OT 8202Occupational Therapy for Children and Youth
OT 8232Case Analysis II
OT 8311Leadership and Management
OT 8403OT Fieldwork 1C
OT 8503Research in OT Practice III
Spring Semester V
OT 8203Occupational Therapy for Adult Rehabilitation
OT 8204Occupational Therapy and Technology
OT 8233Case Analysis III
OT 8404OT Fieldwork 1D
OT 8601Doctoral Experience I
Summer Semester VI
OT 8234Case Analysis IV
OT 8405Fieldwork Experience 2A
OT 8602Doctoral Experience II
Fall Semester VII
OT 8312Reflective Practitioner
OT 8406Fieldwork Experience 2B
OT 8603Doctoral Experience III
Spring Semester VIII
OT 8604Doctoral Experience IV
OT 8313Professional Development