Doctor of Health Sciences in the Field of Leadership in Clinical Practice and Education

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 48 credits as outlined below.

Students complete one of two tracks based on desired career outcomes. One track focuses on enhancing skills related to advancing clinical practice in leadership positions and the other track emphasizes skills related to providing education for health professions students as well as leadership for health professions education in a higher-education setting.

Core (24 credits)
HFR 8101Interprofessional Collaboration in Practice
HFR 8107Program Theory and Health Innovations
HFR 8116Academic and Clinical Leadership in the Health Professions
HFR 8270Research Methods in the Health Professions I
HFR 8271Research Methods in the Health Professions II
HFR 8203Bioethical Implications of Health Research
HFR 8102Health Professions Practicum I
HFR 8103Health Professions Practicum II
Track-specific (9 credits)
Clinical practice leadership track
Three courses from the following:
HCQ 6200Introduction to Health Care Quality
CML 6203Health Information Quality and Outcomes
HFR 8314Health Care Research
HFR 8313Knowledge Translation in Health Care
Educational leadership track
Three courses from the following:
HFR 8212Teaching Strategies in the Health Professions
HFR 8213Curriculum Development in the Health Professions
HFR 8214Assessment in Health Profession Education
HFR 8215Technology and Education in the Health Professions
Electives (6 credits)
Research elective
At least one course from the following:
THS 8123Qualitative Methods in Translational Health Sciences
THS 8125Advanced Statistical Methods for Clinical and Translational Research
THS 8221Mixed Methods Research in Translational Health Sciences
THS 8127Systematic Reviews of Health Care Innovations
Additional elective
With the advisor's approval, students select an additional track or research course or select one of the following as a second elective:
OT 8220Measurement of Human Function and Learning
HSCI 6297Independent Study for Health Professionals
HSCI 6241The Health Care Enterprise
COHM 6220Finance for Health Care Operations
Seminars (9 credits)
HFR 8996Seminar I
HFR 8997Seminar II
HFR 8997Seminar II