Elliott School students may take a minor, such as business, economics, or languages, in other schools of the University.

Students from other schools of the University may take a minor in international affairs in the Elliott School. Contact the Office of Academic Advising in the Elliott School.

The minor is 18 to 21 credits, plus 0 to 8 credits of foreign language, and consists of the requirements listed below.

Students must receive a C- or better in all courses taken to satisfy the minor.

Foreign Language Requirement

Students must prove first-year proficiency in a modern foreign language by course work or examination (0 to 8 credits).

A student who thinks they are beyond the first year of a modern foreign language, but cannot demonstrate this by course work at GW, should contact their Elliott School academic advisor.

ITAL 1001Basic Italian I
ITAL 1002Basic Italian II
JAPN 1001Beginning Japanese I
JAPN 1002Beginning Japanese II
KOR 1001Beginning Korean I
KOR 1002Beginning Korean II
PERS 1001Beginning Persian I
PERS 1002Beginning Persian II
SLAV 1001First-Year Russian I
SLAV 1002First-Year Russian II
SPAN 1011Intensive Beginning Spanish: the Spanish-speaking world
or SPAN 1012 Intensive Elementary Spanish: the Spanish-speaking world
ARAB 1001Beginning Arabic I
ARAB 1002Beginning Arabic II
ARAB 1201Intensive Elementary Arabic I
ARAB 1202Intensive Elementary Arabic II
CHIN 1001Beginning Chinese I
CHIN 1002Beginning Chinese II
FREN 1001Basic French I
FREN 1002Basic French II
GER 1001First-Year German I
GER 1002First-Year German II
HEBR 1001Beginning Hebrew I
HEBR 1002Beginning Hebrew II

Advanced Fundamentals and Regional Foundations

Anthropology or geography (3 credits)

Historical analysis: U.S. foreign policy (3 credits)

International and comparative politics (3 credits)

International economics (3 or 6 credits)

Regional foundations (6 credits)

Anthropology or Geography (3 credits)

Students must complete one course in anthropology or geography that is relevant to international affairs.

Note that ANTH 1002: Sociocultural Anthropology is a prerequisite to most of the ANTH courses, and GEOG 1001: Human Geography is a prerequisite to many of the GEOG courses shown below:

Select one:

ANTH 2506Religion, Myth, and Magic
ANTH 3501Anthropology of Development
ANTH 3504Illness, Healing, and Culture
ANTH 3513Anthropology of Human Rights
ANTH 3601Language, Culture, and Cognition
GEOG 2125Transportation Systems and Networks
GEOG 2127Population Geography
GEOG 2133People, Land, and Food
GEOG 2134Energy Resources
GEOG 2137Environmental Hazards
GEOG 2141Cities in the Developing World
GEOG 2146Political Geography
GEOG 2147Military Geography
GEOG 2148Economic Geography
GEOG 3143Urban Sustainability
GEOG 3810Planning Cities

Historical Analysis: U.S. Foreign Policy (3 credits)

Students must complete one course pertaining to the history of the United States as it relates to to contemporary international affairs.

Select one:

HIST 2340U.S. Diplomatic History
HIST 3035The United States and the Wars in Indochina, 1945–1975
HIST 3332History of American Foreign Policy Since World War II
HIST 3333History of American Foreign Policy Since World War II

International and Comparative Politics (3 credits)

Students must complete one course pertaining to international political issues and theories from either an international relations or comparative politics perspective.

Note that PSC 1001: Introduction to Comparative Politics or PSC 1003: Introduction to International Relations is a prerequisite to the courses below:

Select one:

IAFF 3190Special Topics in International Affairs (International Law)
IAFF 4191Research Seminar (International Politics and Security Policy)
PSC 2334Global Perspectives on Democracy
PSC 2337Development Politics
PSC 2338Nationalism
PSC 2439International Political Economy
PSC 2440Theories of International Politics
PSC 2442International Organizations
PSC 2444Public International Law
PSC 2446U.S. Foreign Policy
PSC 2449International Security Politics
PSC 2990Selected Topics (Ethics in International Affairs)
IAFF 2040Basic Topics in International Affairs (Ethics in International Affairs)

International Economics (3 or 6 credits)

Students must complete one or two courses pertaining to the theory of international economics.

ECON 2180Survey of International Economics
ECON 2181
ECON 2182
International Trade Theory and Policy
and International Macroeconomic Theory and Policy

Regional Foundations (6 credits)

Students must take two courses from the lists below to gain an understanding of two regions of the world outside of the United States. The courses must represent two different regions.

Select two regions:


ANTH 3708Anthropology of Africa
HIST 3501Topics: Africa
HIST 3540West Africa to Independence
IAFF 2093Africa: Problems and Prospects
IAFF 2190WSpecial Topics (North Africa and the World)
IAFF 3189Special Topics in African Studies (Transnational Justice in Africa)
PSC 2381Comparative Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa
PSC 2482African International Politics

Academic advisor approval is required for courses not listed above.

Latin America

ANTH 3702Anthropology of Latin America
GEOG 3161Geography of Latin America
HIST 3701Topics in Latin American History (Latin America and the World since 1820)
HIST 3711History of Latin America II
IAFF 2090Latin America: Problems and Promise
IAFF 2190WSpecial Topics (Latin American Populism)
IAFF 3187Special Topics in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies (Political Economy of Latin America)
PSC 2383Comparative Politics of Latin America
PSC 2484International Relations of Latin America

Academic advisor approval is required for courses not listed above.


ANTH 3705Anthropology of East Asia
GEOG 3165Geography of South Asia
HIST 3601Topics: Asian History (Modern Asia: 1750 to present)
HIST 3640History of Southeast Asia
HIST 3650Modern South Asia, 1750-Present
HIST 3840History of Central Asia
IAFF 2091East Asia-Past and Present
IAFF 3186Special Topics in Asian Studies (Development issues in Southeast Asia; History and Politics of South Asia; Politics and Conflict of South Asia)
IAFF 3190Special Topics in International Affairs (Human Rights and Democracy in Southeast Asia)
PSC 2369Comparative Politics of South Asia
PSC 2373Comparative Politics of Southeast Asia
PSC 2475International Relations of East Asia

Academic advisor approval is required for courses not listed above.

Europe and Eurasia

IAFF 2092Russia and Eastern Europe: An Introduction
IAFF 2094Europe: International and Domestic Interactions
HIST 1121The War of Ideas in European and International History, 1750-Present
HIST 3126European Integration: A History
HIST 3168Divided and United Germany Since 1945
HIST 3178The Making of the Modern Balkans
HIST 3601Topics: Asian History
PSC 2330Comparative Politics of Western Europe
PSC 2331Comparative Politics of Central and Eastern Europe

Academic advisor approval is required for courses not listed above.

Middle East

GEOG 3154Geography of the Middle East and North Africa
HIST 3801Topics in Middle Eastern History
HIST 3811The Middle East in the Twentieth-Century
IAFF 2040Basic Topics in International Affairs (Middle East: An International Affairs Survey)
IAFF 2190WSpecial Topics (Arab Politics; Challenges and Change in the Middle East; Politics and Culture in the Middle East)
IAFF 3188Special Topics in Middle East Studies (Political Islam)
PSC 2377Comparative Politics of the Middle East
PSC 2478International Relations of the Middle East

Academic advisor approval is required for courses not listed above.